Integrity is For Suckers

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Freedom Through Empowerment

One presidential nominee tells a federal court that she is not to be blamed for compromising national security by using a secret email server in her home for classified material, but it is her aides fault for not telling her it was a bad idea.  The other nominee blames everyone for his tanking poll numbers but his own chronic diarrhea of the mouth that erupts daily.

OH what a fun choice we voters face in November! Our presidential prospects look dim indeed but what does this say about we the people that we ended up with such miserable candidates in the first place?  That the choice for leader of the free world has come down to a systemically corrupt, pathological liar, megalomaniac on the one hand and a possibly insane, pathological liar, megalomaniac on the other?

Sure, there are plenty of people that loath both Trump and Clinton and who voted…

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