Nut Case

It’s all good and well for a candidate to release their tax returns when running for office, but I firmly believe it should be required for anyone running for city, county, state or federal office to release all medical records to the general public.  

That way voters will know the medications these people are taking and whether or not they cause them to be even more pathetic nut cases than they already are.  



7 thoughts on “Medication

  1. @irtfyblog

    We have bodies. We can brake our bones. We can contract a viral or a bacterial based disease. We can grow old. Our brains can suffer problems too, sometimes a chemical imbalance we don’t well understand can screw people up. Yet there are drugs and other treatments that often work quite well.

    Consider what drugs can do to screw up our brains. Alcohol. Pot. Cocaine. LSD. Often people who have mental problems can be treated with a drug that makes them behave sanely instead of insanely. Instead of creating an imbalance, the drug corrects an imbalance. Given the behavior of some people who are supposedly sane, I use to wonder how we could tell the difference, but I have seen someone with mental health issues. I have also seen how treatment made a vast difference.

    Nevertheless, when someone is taking a medication, the medication may or may not be sufficient to stabilize their mental disease. Sometimes when a doctor sets a broken broken it fails to knit back together. Would you make fun of the fellow with a bone that won’t heal? Then be careful of making fun of the mentally ill. Generally, the mentally ill we know about are those people the medical community has been unable to treat successfully. Often, the biggest problem these people have is seeking and accepting medical help. So there is no point in stigmatizing them any more than is necessary. Our concern should be that sick people seek and accept whatever help is available to them.

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    • Tom, thank you for your comments. I understand what you are conveying, but when you asked…”would you make fun of the fellow with a bone that won’t heal?” I had a good chuckle because the short answer is . . . yes, I probably would; but I would do so with lite humor for remember that no one and nothing is off limits on my blog ‘O pathetic. Because everything is pathetic in my view and sometimes that pathetic needs to be viewed from a different point of direction.

      You see, I choose to write about the cattle of this world and how they are such good followers. I also choose my words carefully and the most advantageous time to post…

      Could it, would it, might it offend?

      Yep! But that won’t keep me from posting because I believe the cattle in this world are far too touchy and sensitive about everything these days. It’s as though we (and I always include myself in that mix) forget that we’re all here together…experiencing everything in like manner, but at different degrees.

      Am I a bully? I try not to be…but some may see me as such and that is sadly another example of how pathetically sensitive the world has become about issues and topics that we have no control over.

      The overall objective of my posts is to relay that everything is pathetic and it’s all around us…but it’s also to help people see that life is enjoyable and there’s humor in all that pathetic. 🙂

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      • There various definitions of “pathetic”. This is the one you should be careful of using.

        miserably or contemptibly inadequate

        That is particularly true with respect to humor. When I was a teenager, I ran across a bit of truth that surprised me. Robert Heinlein presented that surprising bit of truth in “Stranger in a Strange Land.” Someone is the butt of every joke. No exceptions. Therefore, with respect to a joke, we have three options.

        1. We can make our self the butt of the joke. We can be laughed at by others. This is why clowns cry.
        2. We can make everyone the butt of the joke. We can share our misery and laugh with friends.
        3. We can make someone else the butt of the joke. We can laugh — ridicule — someone else. That is the bullying you mentioned.

        We must remember that in God’s eyes we are all miserably or contemptibly inadequate. Such is the nature of children, even God’s children.

        Oddly, God seems to have a sense of humor. Still, He laughs with us. How I don’t really know. Something to do with that cross, I suppose.

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