You’re ALL Pathetic Followers…

“When I realized that people believe what the Internet says more than reality, I discovered that I had the power to make people believe almost anything.”   – Andrés Sepúlveda, Colombian hacker

If you don’t think you’re being duped.  If you think/believe that everything you read on the internets is real.  If you think you can’t be brainwashed into believing a lie.  If you think that the elections in this country can never be rigged…

Read this:

(You can also read this article on

It’s pathetic that cattle never know when they’re being led to slaughter.



7 thoughts on “You’re ALL Pathetic Followers…

  1. Interesting, irtfy. I actually got interested in social engineering and hackers several years ago. Writing narratives, manipulating human behavior, public opinion, is surprisingly easy to do.

    Than a couple of years back I had an “oh crap” moment. These guys are going to socially engineer us a US presidential candidate by using biological and emotional triggers. Kind of funny, I actually pleaded with some of them not to go there. Then I sat back and watched them at work…. and I watched Trump rise to power.

    What continues to elude me is whether or not Trump’s was deliberately engineered to assure a Clinton win or whether these guys genuinely believed he would be the best thing for America?

    What’s kind of pathetic is that people I actually respect don’t believe me, they believe Trump is the anti-establishment candidate, they believe he is the product of independents, conservatives, and the working class, and they don’t believe that social engineering is a real thing in the world. Than they all march in lockstep to the grocery store to buy Bounty paper towels and I-phones, priding themselves on their ability to resist the pull of culture and stick it to the establishment.

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    • Well said, IB.

      I have always enjoyed people watching and the whole social engineering construct. Sometimes I’ll go to the mall or a sporting event or even take a walk around my little city and watch how people behave. The one thing I find really interesting is that the amazing thing about humanity is they just don’t seem to understand how easily they can be manipulated.

      Completely and pathetically manipulated.

      The more often I watch humanity the more I see how they prove Jesus’ words to Nicodemus to be correct. People would rather follow the deeds of darkness because they loved the darkness rather than the light. It’s really disappointing and really encouraging at the same time.


  2. How true that story is I don’t know. I thought it amusing when the news article said the hacker was supposedly helping Conservative candidates. It occurred to me to wonder whether Fusion has a Liberal Democrat bent. It does. Not a good cow to follow.

    That said, people follow the crowd, just like cattle follow the herd. It is an instinctive strategy that usually works well, but not always. I understand some of Indians use to feast by running a buffalo herd off a cliff. Without horses — before Europeans brought them — it must have been quite a trick to kill a buffalo with primitive weapons. Imagine trying to get close enough. Then, after you have gotten your first arrow in the beast, how do you get close enough to put another one into it. Think of the patience required to track, stalk, and kill just one beast. It is far easier just to spook the entire herd and drive the herd off a cliff.

    Cattle don’t think. They just follow other cows. If we don’t want to be herded off a cliff, we each have to start being choosy about which cows we follow. We have to make certain our herd leaders are not running towards a cliff.

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    • Well said, Tom. The sad truth is that many are they who are on the broad road and few are they who choose the narrow road to life.

      The more I see how the cattle are being led to slaughter, the more I see how the bible is proved correct over and over again.

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