It’s Hot…and the Perils of Wikidork.


It’s been rather hot as of late.  109F,  103F,  105F and  102F.   The heat index was even higher because the dew points were above 55 and the humidity was even higher.  

Strangely, it’s been so blasted hot that even the bugs don’t bother crawling out of their hiding places.

I once said, regarding extremely cold weather, that it had no purpose and quite honestly, I really don’t see the point to this excessive heat either.  

Other than increasing the wages of our public utility workers because A/C units are working overtime, what good will hot & humid weather really bring to society and life on this planet as a whole?  

It’s pathetic nonsense, I tell ya!!   


On a work related note, Wikidork was let go and not allowed to finish his time here on planet Reorganization.  

The whole mess began when the newly labeled Chief Information Officer showed up to do a quick meet and greet with those who would be considered insubordinate.  It was during a spontaneous walk around the office where Wikidork, walking out of the break room, came face to face with newly labeled Chief Information Officer and failed to greet the Chief in a manner worthy of a Chieftain. 

Turns out that Wikidork lived up to his namesake by acting like a pathetic dork because when the Chief extended his hand to greet him, Wikidork threw both hands in the air and exclaimed…“NOPE!  Nope!!   I don’t even work here!”  and then walked away.  

Since Wikidork was a contracted employee and not being retained in the new reorganization, Chief IO (or Off/On as I like to call him) decided to shuffle him out before his expiration date.  

I gotta tell ya, treating the Chief’s like pathetic pieces of crap are a sure-fire way to expedite your exit from any company.  

It’s pathetic that the heat index is more than the IQ of most cattle and that I won’t have any more stories to share about Wikidork.



12 thoughts on “It’s Hot…and the Perils of Wikidork.

  1. It’s pathetic to complain about the weather.
    And their is no such thing as a “pathetic piece of crap”, because if you have ever spoken to a person who has colon or rectal cancer — you would not speak this way about a function of the body without which we can’t live.
    It’s pathetic to denigrate the body and/or any of its functions.


  2. And we’ve been complaining about our 90 degree heat wave!

    I actually kind of like Wikidork’s reaction. Sound like something I might do if I knew I was already on the way out – why not have some fun with it on the way? I know my own boss has been a little surprised at some of my recent comments, after learning I’m going to be unemployed real soon now.

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