Socialites – A Sarcastic Opinion About Socialist Ideologies


Hey Everyone!  let’s hear a grand ‘ol “yippee!” for socialism!   

After all it’s been proven over and over to be a governmental ideology that is an absolute delight to live under.   

I mean, don’t comments like this just make you want to celebrate governmental control?  

“Venezuela’s economic collapse is due to many factors: falling oil prices that have reduced the country’s revenue, but also a socialist revolution that has resulted in the expropriation of more than 1,200 companies and the imposition of stifling price and foreign exchange controls that have crushed businesses and slashed national production.”   –  Peter Wilson, Special for USA TODAY

Soooo… Yea Socialism!!!   right?  

Hrrm…what if I told you that…

“Europe’s socialism has, over the last several decades, generated few private sector jobs and lags in growth when compared to the United States with its comparatively lighter hand of government.”  –  Larry Elder, for The Town Hall


“Fundamentally, socialist regimes seek to destroy markets and market prices, the fundamental institutions of an exchange economy.  Socialist ideologues maintain the prices of goods are fixed arbitrarily by business exploiters at artificially high levels, therefore, they can and should be controlled by law.”  –  John A. Sparks, The Truth About Socialism

Sounds like a good thing, right!?   I mean, how in the world can the Government NOT do a better job with price control than the people who actually run their businesses?

“During the decades of continuing price controls, the profits of farmers and other processors were eliminated through the artificially low state-mandated prices. What happened to the (Venezuelan) coffee-roasting companies beginning in 2006 is a typical scenario.

First, some coffee producers simply held supplies off the market in hopes the government would agree to price increases that covered their costs. The government countered with military force, authorizing the National Guard to “find every last kilogram of coffee” being “hoarded.” By 2009, the Venezuelan government seized control of two of the largest coffee-processing plants, claiming the private companies were engaged in hoarding and smuggling coffee, and therefore were being disloyal to the state.”  –  John A. Sparks, The Truth

To quote Tony the Tiger, that sounds Grrrrrrrreeeeeaaaaaaat!  

The results of such over-reaching governmental influence would NEVER have a negative effect on industry, market prices and commerce as a whole, could it?

“Witness Venezuela. Fifteen years under socialist Hugo Chavez, followed by three years under his socialist successor, Nicolas Maduro, have left the economy in shambles and the living standards of Venezuelans falling to a level that only can be described as intolerable.”  –  John A. Sparks, The Truth

Living standards…’intolerable’?!   The hell you say!  

There’s no possible way that a socialist ideology would EVER create such a mess!   After all, prices are lower for the consumer and everyone has everything they need!  

Everything’s FREE!!!     

Education is free.  Health care is free.  Living expenses never rise.  Utilities are never shut off.  And there’s food for everyone!!  So, why shouldn’t we embrace the socialistic ideology?   After all, this could never happen to US… 

“It’s no secret that things are bad in Venezuela. Rolling blackouts are causing infant deaths in hospitals where backup generators have ceased to function; the country is on pace to hit 700 percent inflation; outside of active war zones, the murder rate in Caracas is the highest in the world.”  – Andres Malave, US News & World Report

I don’t know about you, but after reading that, I’m all in!!!   


After all, it’s the New Democratic Way and we here in the United States can do Socialism better than it’s ever been done!   

Heck, what could go wrong?  

All humor aside, I believe that the immature, unable to think for themselves cattle of this world are moving ever closer to a one-world government and the socialist ideology movement is the beginning of the end for Western civilization and the true principles that this Republic was founded on.  

It’s pathetic to think or believe that a failed governmental system that seeks to control every aspect of a person’s life would ever work in a nation that has allowed liberty and justice for all since its inception.   

Then again . . . liberty and justice are so 1777.  



9 thoughts on “Socialites – A Sarcastic Opinion About Socialist Ideologies

  1. Socialism: “the substance of which fertilizes the fields of hope in prosperity and then kills the crops.”

    A great post. Thanks for sharing it.

    May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob bless and keep us all.

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  2. Very funny and painfully important post irtfy. It astounds me how many otherwise intelligent and good hearted people think that government is made up of virtuous angels who would NEVER think of enriching themselves at the expense of us lil’ ole turnip truck citizens, so let’s just give them power over the most minute areas of our lives and see what happens. Gee, WHAT COULD GO WRONG?

    SMH this election season as it appears we have one candidate that wants to increase the size and scope of govt a lot and another that wants to do it a lot more. We are doomed and it is pathetic. 🙂

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    • Tricia, I don’t know if we’re doomed, but we are in a state of flux. I really believe that God has given us over to the leadership that is desired by the people…similar to when the people of Israel wanted a king to rule over them and rejected God’s sovereignty, and they ended up with Saul. And over time they ended up with a madman as their king.

      My fear is that we too will end up being ruled by a madman, however, God always uses those circumstances to show us that no man can ever replace God’s just and precious authority. All we can do is continue to uphold the truth of God’s word and seek His guidance. Keep praying my friend. 🙂 and thanks for the comment. 🙂

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      • Oh so true irfty what you say about the people of Israel desiring a King and getting exactly what they asked for. I think we are at this point too as a good chunk of society would rather give up freedoms for the “Safety” of others ruling their lives.

        You’re right about praying too, it’s always a good choice. 🙂

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  3. Well said, irtfy. I remain baffled by our socialist advocates. Do they not read about current world events? History? Where do they think the money for all this free stuff is going to come from? The disconnect astounds me.

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    • no kidding! These people who think that socialism will coexist with a democratic form of government tend to think that all that “free” stuff will just magically appear and that jobs will be plentiful and everyone gets a high dollar salary…which of course would be AWESOME, but only exists in the land of make believe where candy and ice cream never make you fat and puppies and kittens frolic freely in marshmallow fields.

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