Instant Pot: Snow Crab Legs and Corn on the Cob (updated)


(Note: This post is how I steamed snow crab legs, but if you want to read how I steamed King Crab legs, click >here<)

I mentioned in my previous post that I had purchased an Instant Pot Pressure cooker and that I had planned on steaming some crab legs and corn on the cob.  Well, I did the steaming of the crab legs and corn this afternoon, and they turned out GREAT!!   

In the past I had used the pressure cooker a couple times to make pasta and lasagna.  I was shocked that it worked really well for both, and actually, it was the best lasagna E-V-E-R!

But this was my first attempt at steaming with this thing, so I was a bit cautious; however, it turned out to be really easy.  

Basically, I had bought frozen crab legs from my local butcher.  I wanted fresh, but living in Nebraska, it’s nearly impossible to get truly fresh crab legs… ha!  Who am I kidding? It’s impossible!  

Well, not entirely.  One could fly to the coast, buy them and then fly back in the same day…  but yeah…. like I have the finances for that!

So, I had frozen/fresh crab legs, however, the corn was fresh because living in Nebraska, which is a farming state, fresh corn on the cob is practically sold on every street corner.  

Anyway…  The steps were pretty simple.  

  1. Wash off the Snow crab legs and break apart from the “knuckle”
  2. place frozen or fresh snow crab legs in pressure cooker (for this I’m using frozen crab legs).
  3. Husk the corn on the cob, wash and break in half. 
  4. place corn in the pressure cooker on top of snow crab legs.
  5. place lid on pressure cooker
  6. set steam vent knob to “seal”
  7. press “steam” button on front display. 
  8. The pressure cooker should default to High, but you’ll have to set the time for six (6) min.  (I’ve corrected this from 8 – 10 min because after testing at 6 minutes with frozen crab legs they turned out perfect!  Lower time to FOUR minutes with fresh crab legs!)  
  9. walk away.  
  10. When pressure cooker starts to beep, wait three or four minutes and then flip the steam vent knob to “release”
  11. wait for steam and pressure to escape. 
  12. open lid and enjoy!  

It really was that pathetically simple.  😀   

The corn was perfectly cooked, steamy hot and after lathering in garlic butter the sweetness burst in my mouth with every bite.  

The crab legs were steamed to perfection and easy to break apart and the meat was tender and juicy.     


And it just now occurs to me how pathetic it is that I didn’t take a picture before devouring the entire plate.  

So this will have to suffice:  




26 thoughts on “Instant Pot: Snow Crab Legs and Corn on the Cob (updated)

    • Nope, I didn’t use a steamer basket. I used the rack that came with the Instant Pot to keep them above the water level so the crab legs would actually steam and not boil. Thanks for the question, and I hope this helps.

      Here’s a youtube video showing how to boil eggs using the rack I was speaking of:

      Also, I’m sorry if you had a bunch of “approved” notifications, for some reason it wouldn’t approve your comment when I clicked on it.


  1. My mother in law used a pressure cooker for her sauerkraut recipe. Too bad my wife did not get her recipe to flavor it. Try making it and the texture is outstanding.

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

    Liked by 1 person

    • the new electric pressure cookers have so many safety features that you could never blow one up. lol.

      You should buy one of these and try it out. You can make a lot of healthy stuff in very little time. I think your whole family would benefit from owning one.


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