The “Doohickey”


Okay…so I bought an Instant Pot Pressure cooker (which I love!) and I’m planning to use it to steam corn on the cob and Crab Legs, but I didn’t have those little seafood forks you get when you order crab legs at a restaurant.  

You know the ones…they are small enough to dig in the shell of the crab leg to get all the extra meat out…


So I went to bed bath and beyond pathetic to buy a set, and here’s a picture of what I found….  

Seafood Doohickeys


Please note that the technical term for Seafood Fork is now…”Seafood Doohickeys” 



23 thoughts on “The “Doohickey”

  1. Yum. I haven’t had crab in the shell since I lived in Maryland. Let me know when the food is ready and I’ll be right over. I even have my own doohickey I can bring – I’ve seen one in with my kitchen utensils and couldn’t remember what it was for. Now I know.

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  2. My goodness, I give you credit for exploring with a pot pressure cooker. Even the name just scares me! The end result sounds delicious though, wish I could partake with you. Enjoy!

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  3. It’s a dinglehopper!!! (Little Mermid reference)
    I applaud you for being brave and using a pressure cooker. I am terrified of them haha. Even though I do love things made in them. 🙂
    Share what you make on here!

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