Grammar Lesson – ‘AS’ and ‘AND’

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The meaning of a word can and will be taken out of context unless the reader knows exactly how the word is used and defined.  For example, take the words ‘As’ and ‘And’.

There are many people who read those words and assume that their meaning is similar, but those people would be pathetically incorrect.

Let’s look at the how the words ‘As’ and ‘And’ are defined in their simplest of forms:

 ‘As‘:  1) to the same degree or amount; 2)  used to introduce an example.

 ‘And‘:  1)  used to join words or groups of words.  2)  used to described an action that is repeated or that occurs for a long time.

Notice that the definitions of the words ‘As’ and ‘And’ are not the same.

‘And’ is used mainly as a conjunction to bring together words or groups.  ‘As’ can be used as a conjunction or a preposition, but it’s primary use in the English language is that of an adverb and is used to compare or introduce an example.

The word ‘And’ is not able to do this because that would change the meaning of a sentence.  Here’s an example… “Sally is not the same and her brother.”

See what I mean?  If you replace the word ‘As’ with ‘And’ in that sentence, it throws the sentence structure off completely because ‘And’, in its simplest of forms, isn’t used to compare something with another thing.

Now, let’s change it up a bit and replace ‘And’ with ‘As’.   “The boys as their mother are going to the mall.”

Makes the whole sentence sound pretty pathetic, doesn’t it?  If not, then you’re just weirdly pathetic and under-educated.

So, knowing how a word is defined and used in a specific language, a reader can develop a better understanding of what the writer is trying to convey. Hence, the command:  “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.”

Since we know that ‘As’ is defined as a word used to compare and refer to the extent or degree of something, we can then see that the meaning of the command is really:  “Love your neighbor in comparison to or to the degree of which you love yourself.”

If God had said, “Love your neighbor AND love yourself,” that would have changed the meaning of the command entirely.

Please don’t misunderstand, the commandment is not commanding you to love yourselves.  It’s commanding you to love your neighbor to the same degree in which you already love yourself.  Therefore, if you love yourself a very little bit, then love your neighbor a very little bit.  If you love yourself a lot, then love your neighbor a lot.  

No matter the degree of love you have for yourself, the command is: love your neighbor with the same amount of love!

You see, the command isn’t about loving yourself because you and I already do that, though, not to the same degree.

Your love of yourself might be a lot more than my love for myself, or your love for yourself might be a lot less than say your neighbor’s love for themselves. 

However, if you and I and your neighbor don’t love ourselves at all, then any attempt at loving a neighbor is just a pathetic waste of time and we all might want to get some much needed therapy.

Nonetheless, we all have a love for ourselves and it’s proven by how we fulfill needs and desires.  Those needs and desires can be things such as food, water, clothing and shelter.  Consequently, if you’re willing to provide your body with those needs, then do the same for your neighbor.  

In conclusion, now that we know how the command is meant to be interpreted, we have a better understanding of what Jesus was talking about when He said: “by your standard of measure, it will be measured to you.”  AND  “Treat others the way you want to be treated.”

It’s pathetic when ‘As’ and ‘And’ are mistaken to have the same meaning.   




24 thoughts on “Grammar Lesson – ‘AS’ and ‘AND’

  1. Your elucidation of that verse by reminding us that Jesus said we are to do unto others as we would have them do to us, makes the meaning of loving your neighbor as yourself very clear. We all want people to be polite and respectful to us, so let’s do that to others. We want others to be honest with us, so lets be honest with others. We want others to be kind and loving to us, so lets be loving and kind to others. We want help when needed so lets help others when they are in need. Great post irtfyb.

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  2. Oh I really enjoyed this post irfty and you are so right about the important differences between And and As. i think Love is a big important thing here too. The other major religions have their version of the Golden Rule too but Jesus’s command to love others as we love ourselves just speaks so much deeper to me.

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    • Tricia, so true. love is crucial to every Christians walk with the Lord Jesus. His very command to love others is the essence of what separates His true followers from the rest of the crowd. However, there is this strange message being taught among believers that the command was about loving ourselves first when it clearly wasn’t. It was about loving others to the degree of which we already love ourselves and that Golden Rule Jesus preached at the sermon on the mount, is a much clearer definition of what Jesus meant when He gave the commandment to Moses in the first place. 🙂 thanks for the comment.

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  3. This is great. I’m sure I do this. I always aced grammer and language arts but I still find myself writing errors simply because to me it sounds better lol. The one that comes to mind that I do often is starting a sentence with a conjunction. AND I love it! Lol!
    Thank you for the lesson! As you know, we talk about weight loss a lot on my blog. I have come so close to doing a whole post on the spelling of “lose” so many time. I swear the majority of people think it is spelled “loose”! “I need to loose weight!” NO!!!
    I am afraid it will come across mean if I point it out though so I just endure lol.

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    • I too begin sentences with conjunctions. AND I like doing it as well because it helps to convey what I’m trying to convey. Ah…redundancy…lol!

      I encourage you to write that post about the difference between lose and loose, because people need to understand that to “lose” weight, they must ‘loosen’ their grip on junk foods! lol! 😉

      I look forward to reading that post and thanks for the comment, Peachy.


        • For some reason I can’t comment under your “nickname” post but I can here so I will! I have a nickname for you! I’m calling you Leo just so I can remember a certain birthday coming up at the beginning of August 😏

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          • You couldn’t comment on the Nickname post? that’s strange. I haven’t shut off the comments, so you should be able too.

            Hrmmm… weird.

            Leo, huh? that’s a bit ironic, not because I have a birthday coming up in August, but because one of my sister’s thinks I look like Leonardo DiCaprio. I don’t see it, but she thinks he and I look a like. Maybe someday I’ll post a pic and y’all can judge for yourself.

            BTW…thanks for the Nickname.


          • Well then it was meant to be! Leo it is! 🙂
            And I’m pretty sure the reason I couldn’t comment was just because I was trying to comment from my phone instead of my computer. For some reason my phone hates WordPress haha.
            Catch ya later Leo!

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  4. Well said, irtfy. I think one problem we have in the world today is that people really don’t love themselves. We have no idea how great Christ’s love for us is, so we have trouble reflecting that out in the world. It’s looks like we love ourselves, with all the selfies and narcissism going on, but looks can be deceiving. There’s a lot of disrespect for ourselves, which becomes disrespect for other people, and than you have to punch them all in the head. 🙂

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