The Pathetic Question


Soooo, here’s a random question my mother asked me this past weekend: 

“What if you meet a really nice woman who looks at you and says, ‘You can communicate really well, you’re attractive, you look me in the eye when we talk, you don’t do drugs or drink or sleep around, you have a relationship with God and know Him intimately, and I find you to be a very attractive man and would very much like to date you and spend more time with you.’  Would you be open to dating her?”  then she added:  “Before you answer, let me add this: What if she tells you that she’s never been naked in front of another man?”

Here was my pathetic reaction: 

The Office_Jim

I love my mom, but wow…she can ask some really pathetic questions to which I have no answers.



25 thoughts on “The Pathetic Question

    • Hahahaha…yes, my mom did say that. Bless her heart, though. She meant well, but it wasn’t something I was prepared for so I didn’t know how to answer her at that moment.

      Quite honestly, whether a woman has been naked in front of a man isn’t what concerns me…it’s whether or not she has a genuine heart of repentance and truly fears God. That to me is the most beautiful and attractive quality. 🙂

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    • HAhahahaha….wally, I have no idea why she would say that.

      My mother posed the question and decided to add all that in thinking it would direct me to provide the answer my mother wanted to hear… and that is this: That I’m open to building and working on a long-term relationship with a godly woman. Which, currently, I’m in no place to build any kind of relationship, let alone one where it would lead to marriage.

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      • I sort of read between the lines there and figured that is what she was probing about.

        Well, not to sound like mom, but I do hope and pray you are at least open to the possibility that something like that could happen. Look, I was 45 years old before I found such a woman, so it’s never to late. And honestly, men didn’t come much more jacked up and dysfunctional than me at the time in my life. So, if God can give me one and I manage not to screw it up totally, I suspect anybody can pull it off.

        So, I’m with Mom, and I pray that this will happen for you.


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  1. LOL! That’s a really good question, irtfy.

    Should I answer for you? Don’t get mad at me, but I suspect you would reject her immediately, too aggressive, too forward, too judgemental, she’s already sized you up and passed judgement, and now we have the added self righteousness of declaring herself pure, never naked in front of a man, and you haven’t even had a first date yet! I mean, TMI, TMI!

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    • HAHAHAHAHA!! I had not considered the question from that perspective, so well done once again, IB.

      I’ve actually given this question a lot of thought, and I really believe I would thank her for the kind words, but let her down respectfully by declining her offer because I’m really not in a good place to build a relationship right now.

      However, I can’t say I wouldn’t be flattered if a woman did happen to approach me with those words. 😉

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