Pathetic Truth Tuesday


472 followers and not one of you has ever wished me a Happy Birthday!

(FYI:  it’s not my birthday so please don’t wish me a happy birthday)

(Seriously…it’s not my birthday)

(no, really…I mean it.  my birthday really is in a couple months, just…not today)


37 thoughts on “Pathetic Truth Tuesday

  1. Well, I never! So what do we wish you? Happy half birthday?

    You weren’t born in August, were you? I was and I happen to believe August is the best month to be born in. Naturally all my kids were born in the winter. Maths has never been my strong suit. 🙂

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    • hahaha….yeah. I was just thinking that no one has ever wished me a happy birthday on here… lol… but it’s not like I broadcast the date, so how would any of you know? 😉 and thank you! you’re very kind.

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