Crazy Cattle


I want to write a post about how pathetically crazy you cattle really are, but I can’t seem to put the words on the page.  

I’d like to write about how crazy it is for a simple, loving mother to suddenly think it would be okay to murder her children and feel no remorse.

Or how nutty it is for a man to chase his estranged wife into their neighbor’s house, then kill the neighbor.

I’d very much like to write an opinion piece about how crazy it is for a man in Miami, FL who called police to tell them that he killed his wife for not being loyal, and when police asked him if there was anyone else in the home he replied: “No, it was just me and my dead wife.”  Not too mention how crazy it is that this same man was shot multiple times for charging at police.

Or how about the crazy story of a woman who decided to drive her car into a crowd of people in Oklahoma or there’s the other one that happened in Vegas?

Or how about the lunatic story about the man in Oregon that killed his wife because she put the lid on the ketchup bottle too tight.

Maybe I could write about the crazy story of a guy in Oregon who decided to single out and kill Christians at a community college.

Or even a few choice words about this absolutely nutty story of a woman in Alabama who decided to kill her ex-husband for making an obscene gesture at her.

And these are just the tip of the iceberg.  There are so many more crazy examples out there that I could write about.

Like this crazy Washington Post article where a woman claimed to have killed her husband with a stone frog, yet no one believed her.  That was, until they found the body EIGHTEEN YEARS LATER!

Hey, but it’s not just husbands and wives killing one another…here’s a nutty little diddy about a 17 year old who decided to off his parents.

And another about an 11 year old who killed an 8 year old all because of an argument.

Sadly, every single one of these stories is a pathetic example of how majorly messed up and crazy you cattle really are, and I would very much like to write a post about it, but as I mentioned in my opening statement, I just can’t find the words.

I wish I could because it would be a very pathetic piece of literary work.



7 thoughts on “Crazy Cattle

  1. For someone who didn’t write a post, you did very well. Yes, the world is even crazier now than it has been, and it was bad to begin with. Makes me feel like I should just hide under the covers and never read a newspaper or watch TV, and never, ever go out. But none of that would solve anything.

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  2. Yes indeed, the clowns are running the asylum. I can’t help, I’ve simply surrendered all and declared insanitybytes. The stoopid, it simply walks among us and all we can really do is try to be salt and light in a world gone mad.

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