I’m a Pathetic Moron…


Sooooo….yesterday evening I spent the better part of four hours reinstalling Windows and all my software only to find out that taking ownership of the system folder didn’t cause the PC to hang.


I have three harddrives. Β One for my operating system and the other two for storage and one of the storage drives was failing and that’s what caused the problem with my PC.

Therefore, I’m a pathetic moron. Β  But in my defense the PC never gave any indications that the drive was failing until I was trying to restart my PC after changing folder settings, so…ummm…. ya.

Anyway, other than myself, computers are pathetic.


13 thoughts on “I’m a Pathetic Moron…

  1. JD builds all our computers (except the tablet/laptop variety). Our media center is a computer built into an old style radio cabinet so it looks like furniture but can take DVDs, Blu-Rays, USB drives, etc. He likes the detail of it and knowing what goes into it is a big part of it too. All I know about them is how to turn them on and some basic navigation; I like being able to find Netflix for example. πŸ˜‰

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  2. I use to have a computer I practically built out of spare parts, a huge and ugly thing, but I liked it because I could make it do what I wanted and I could fix anything. Eventually I was forced to upgrade, so now I just buy the cheapest laptop I can. It’s maddening because software has gotten so controlling and everything is prepackaged and assembled these days.

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    • haha…yes! Building a pc is kind of freeing in a way, because you know what it is you’re working with. Sadly, as you have stated, software and computers have become so controlling. I blame it on the liberals. πŸ˜‰

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