Windows 10 Doesn’t Like it When You Change Ownership of Folders

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I’ve been in the computer industry for a better part of 20 years and having that experience I’ve had the enjoyment of working with just about every single Windows operating system since Windows 3.1.  

With that said, I’ve never had a problem taking ownership of a folder and making changes that I want to make…that is until Windows 10 came along.  

I found out this weekend that Windows 10 doesn’t play nice when you take ownership of system folders.  Matter of fact…it just stops loading after a reboot and makes you wish you had never made the changes you made.  

Here’s what happened…

I wanted to change the Host file, but when I attempted to save the changes to the directory it gave me an error that I didn’t have permission.  So, I tried to change the permissions on the folder but I kept getting the error that I wan’t the owner and couldn’t make changes, which is totally bogus because I’m the administrator of the PC, but Windows doesn’t agree.  

Anyway, knowing that I needed to be the owner of the directory I tried to change the ownership of the folder where the host file is located and then change permissions; however that didn’t work either, so I took ownership of the parent folder and when that didn’t work, I took ownership of the C:\windows folder and propagated the ownership to all subfolders.

Word of advice…. Don’t do that.  

Once I changed the ownership of that folder, I restarted my PC and it took an hour to boot up and no matter how many times I attempted to “fix” the glitch, the reboot would take longer and longer and longer until I finally decided to shut the PC down, take the harddrive out and reformat it so I could start over with a fresh install of Windows.    

I’m really not sure why Windows 10 doesn’t see me as the Administrator of the PC, after all, I’m the only one using it and Windows 7 recognized me as the Administrator when it was installed.  

In my humble opinion, whatever Microcharmin decided to change in this OS needs to be replaced with Windows 7 functionality.  

I’m finding Windows 10 to be a rather pathetic operating system.



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