Wikidork’s Morning Thoughts


For the past 25 minutes I have had to listen to Wikidork tell another coworker that the singers on The Voice aren’t very good and how they don’t match up to his quality of singer.

He then proceeded to explain the two qualities that make a top-quality singer.

Of course these are only from his view point so take them for what they’re worth.

First, they MUST (and he did stress the word “must”) have superior stage presence.  If they can’t draw the crowd into the song, then they will never be a good singer.  And second, they should ALWAYS (and yes…he stressed the word “always”) sing from their body and not their head.  When a singer is singing a song from their head and not focusing on their body, they aren’t very good.

Of course, he left out things like quality of pitch, in or out of tune, on or off key, able to breathe properly, staying on time and able to generate some kind of rhythm; but why would those things be important?  

What Wikidork never seems to take into consideration is that other people (this writer for one) know way more than he does, but hey…he really likes the sound of his own voice.  

It’s just too bad people don’t come with an on-off switch. 

Even more pathetic was that directly after that conversation Wikidork decided to share with his coworkers that having a civil war here in the United States would be fun.  

I really didn’t have the heart to inform him how pathetic that comment actually was.

Wikidork is now sharing his insights with another coworker about how the Blue Angels don’t know how to fly.  –  This stuff is hilarious because he’s never flown a plane in his life!!!

LOL!!!  — I have to update this because one of his coworkers just asked if he’s ever flown a plane and he replied, “no, but I have flown planes on flight simulators and that’s transferable.”   – –  LOL!!!!!  

Wikidork!  Living up to his pathetic namesake since 1975.


6 thoughts on “Wikidork’s Morning Thoughts

    • LOL… Oh, I’m sure. On that topic, One of the women in my office almost had some choice words with him, but she refrained.

      You have to refresh your page though, because I added a comment he made about flying.


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