Sexual Deviance – Baylor University


In my pathetic opinion…

Since Baylor University did nothing to handle sexual assault claims against the football players over the past ten years, their football program should be handed a penalty no less than what Pennsylvania State University suffered in 2012.  

Though the situation is only different in the amount of time that sexual assault claims were swept under the rug by Baylor administrators and coaches (Baylor – past 10 years, PSU – 36 years), it’s a foregone conclusion that human lives have been tragically affected, therefore the NCAA should be resolute in their investigation of Baylor athletics and stiff in their punishment for treating sexual assault claims as a minor infraction.   

Notwithstanding, from this day forward the governing board of NCAA members need to set an extremely high moral standard for all public institutions under their banner.  Also, forthwith, if any program is found during an investigation to have given any preferential treatment to ANY student(s), be it male or female, for sexual misconduct, that program will be subject to grave and exacting punishment.

If the NCAA governing board is not willing to enact such standards, then they are just as guilty as the administrators and coaches who sweep sexual abuse claims under the rug.  

This whole thing is pathetic and extremely disgusting.

(oh…and on a side bar, these twenty and thirty-something teachers getting pregnant by 13 year old boys is just as bad or worse!!)  



6 thoughts on “Sexual Deviance – Baylor University

  1. FYI – Baylor is a private (Baptist) university, not that that gives them or the NCAA or any organization a pass here. Its motto is “For Church, For Texas” which is almost enough said for me when it comes to hypocrisy. My last word on this subject will be a quote from the famously funny and sort of quietly gay Lily Tomlin. “Why is it that when we talk to God we’re said to be praying but when God talks to us we’re schizophrenic?”

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