State of Decay

“I believe that if the midwest is the backbone of America, then New York is the anus.  You know?  Where all the crap comes out.”  


Over the years the New York state of Decay and Debauchery has made itself known for having a large city with lots of people, high-priced real estate, Broadway, a ball that descends on New Year’s eve, the Yankees and . . . since they will never let us forget . . . Donald Trump.

However, in recent years New York has become known as the city that likes to ban things.  Things that the pathetic followers who get elected to their uncivilized government have been programmed to believe is bad, not just for the cattle who roam their streets, but for the whole pathetic United States. 

So what could be so horrible . . . so evil . . .that the bean counting bureaucrats of New York city would feel it necessary to banish it from use by all the cattle in their little pasture of hell?

ANSWER:  The Seven-11 Big Gulp, mixed martial arts and . . . get this . . . words.

Yes.  Not only did they ban soft drinks larger than the empire state building and vicious kicks to the head, but they also decided to ban . . . words.  

Back in 2012 the New York Pathetic Department of Educating the Intolerant Youth of our Day has decided that certain words are not to be tolerated. Words such as ‘dinosaurs‘, ‘Halloween‘ and ‘dancing‘.  (I can’t make this stuff up!  Believe me, I’m not that creative!) 

I guess those words are harmful if used incorrectly and could very well be used as a cultural bias among the throngs of illiterate kin-folk who don’t know any better, because . . . well . . everyone knows that white people can’t dance, minorities don’t celebrate Halloween and no one believes in dinosaurs, so when those words are used in a sentence such as, “Hey, I’ve decided to dress up as a dinosaur for the Halloween dance,” don’t we all get a little offended?       


Okay maybe it’s just me.  

Anyway, it’s not just the words and the soft drinks larger than Times Square and the undesired kicks to the head that New Yankers have felt the need to ban from their enclosed state of insanity.    

Oh no…the state/city of New York, that was attacked by foreign terrorists more than once mind you, has also decided that travel to Mississippi and North Carolina was a bad thing too, so they banned “non-essential” government travel to those states.  The reason?  

Because North Carolina and Mississippi established their right as free states to pass a law that the pathetic left-wing liberals of Satanic worship didn’t like. 

but wait

The back-swill mayor of Ding-a-ling city, along with some other pathetic red-tape rabble rousers, are urging all New Yacker’s not to eat at the new Chick-fil-A that will be opening in Queens.  And what’s the reason for this, you ask?  

Because…and I quote: “Chick fil-a supports groups that promote “hate” against gays.”  (and I’m not sure why “hate” was in quotes unless Mayor De Blasio didn’t really mean “hate” in the literal sense but in a figurative sense; therefore, in that case “hate” should not have been used in his statement. . . s i g h . . . but I digress.)  

So…let’s get this straight!  

It’s okay for government officials in New Yack to travel to the countries that supported radicals who flew planes into their buildings killing their citizens?  I mean, after all, why would you ban travel to those countries; where, if I’m not mistaken, they also don’t tolerate homosexual behavior and have laws against such activity?  But it’s not okay to travel to a state within their own country that hasn’t done anything but create a law they don’t approve of? 

And it’s okay for you to celebrate having logophobia where you can ban people from using the words you’re afraid of because they might cause people to get upset and feel offended by such language.  Even though New York government blow-hards obviously offended people when they opened their mouths and spewed words of dislike and hate towards those that don’t share in their own beliefs.  (I believe New Yorkers like to call that “discrimination.” – hmm?  If that isn’t the burro calling the donkey jackass…) 

Also, it’s fine and dandy to force companies that do business in their state/city from selling a nationally known trademarked product like the Big-Gulp because they think it’s ‘detrimental’ to the health of the cattle they want to control.  However, they aren’t at all concerned how substances like marijuana and alcohol are detrimental to a person’s overall mental health, and they tend to give hearty approval to those who choose to use such substances . . . (Drug up the people and they can’t revolt…works every time!)   

But hey…I’m sure the well-paid scientists that New York governmental affairs bought off with those hard-earned taxpayer dollars will provide enough information to prove me wrong. After all, who really cares…as long as the New York Department of Regulations and Supervisions are happy being in control of all the little cattle that they really have no concern for.  

I mean, heaven forbid that they would ever support another state’s right to do the exact same thing but in the reverse of New York’s immoral, satanic standards. (just sayin’!)   

Personally, and quite pathetically, I’m sure all the immoral, wasted New York Guidance Counselors won’t be entirely happy until everyone in the good ‘ol USA is reciting this phrase:  “Be good little followers and do as the man with the big, shiny gun tells you.  Now swallow your pills!”  

New York.  The pathetic city and state of intolerance unless you tolerate what they tell you too. 

New York_intolerant


6 thoughts on “State of Decay

  1. Ha! Well done!

    It just boggles the brain doesn’t it? Do people have trouble comprehending irony? I suspect so. Where I live we too have “hate” and people will actually a make little quotation marks in the air when they say it. It simply must be some kind of secret code? This just makes absolutely no sense.

    I live in a tiny little microcosm of New York, recently infiltrated by actual New Yorkers fleeing their own state. Naturally the first thing they want to do upon arriving here, is to transform us into the precise same thing they were just fleeing from.

    Liked by 2 people

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