Plastic Spoon Guy…


Who eats potato chips for breakfast?   

come on!!??   


I’ll tell you who…

Plastic Spoons Guy….that’s who!   

And it’s loud.  






If you want to know what it sounds like…turn up your speakers and press play:



30 thoughts on “Plastic Spoon Guy…

    • lol…ohhh if they only had the death penalty for loud crunching in your cubicle. … sigh …

      I actually recorded the guy eating potato chips yesterday, and I’ll post it at some point so all the readers can enjoy what I have enjoyed for the past couple weeks. 🙂

      thanks for the comment.


    • You are so Right!! If he would eat the chips with his mouth closed that would be a different story. lol…

      I actually recorded him yesterday and once I get the file cleaned up, I’ll post it so you all can hear it.


  1. I too have a chip addiction. I can stay away from just about any other type of taboo junk food. Cheetos I cannot but…And any time of day is the right time. Thank goodness there are starting to be a few better choices out there. 🙂 Crunch on!

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  2. Mmmmm….potato chips. I think I’ve probably eaten them for breakfast. I have an unfortunate addiction to all chips. I can’t have them in the house or it’s a disaster. I don’t crunch next to other people when I eat them, however. I have good chip eating manners!

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