In a recent post I dishonored God by saying that I didn’t believe that He answered prayer or blessed those who called on Him.  

I was wrong.  

God Does answer prayer and He Does reward those who seek Him.  

He can be trusted. 

He never leaves us, nor forsakes us.  

God really is love, therefore, I retract my previous statements.   




11 thoughts on “Retraction

  1. We all have doubts at times, we only human after all. Not everyone admits when they are wrong though, especially in a public form. That takes character my friend, well done.

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  2. Nicely done here my friend. I bet may have felt the way you did in that post(which somehow I missed.) Just not everybody has a forum to express what they feel. Aren’t you glad God forgives and moves on no matter what we do? I know I sure am.

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  3. I’m just catching up on blog readings. Glad you are feeling better. There was a lot of good advice in your other posts and I hope that helped. I love the music you have added and posted Tim McGraws on facebook. I think the world right now could use a song like that.

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  4. Lovely, irtfy! I know God is good because I have done far worse and He has never turned me into a pillar of salt. The last time I fell apart and yelled at God He showed up and scared the crap out of me, but that’s a story for another time 😉

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    • Yes, He is! God is good all the time!!

      Also, ((LOL)) that “scared the crap out of me” moment happened to me yesterday. God really loves to show us a rare glimpse of how bad things could be if we continue to walk a path of unrighteousness and fleshly desires. Maybe I’ll share my story sometime as well, but now isn’t the time.

      You know that I always love to hear stories of how God works in someone’s life, so whenever you feel like sharing, please do! 🙂

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