Chalk, It’s Forever


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A recent article brought me to tears of laughter.  It’s titled: “Students freak out because someone chalked ‘Trump’ slogans on campus: Emory university president says students are ‘scared’ and ‘in pain'”

If that doesn’t bring a little laughter into your pathetic world, then continue reading…

Cowboy x

The problem that is causing so much pathetic fear, pain and suffering is that one of the juvenile delinquent’s who chose to attend Emory university decided to grab a piece of chalk and scribble “Trump 2016” all over campus.  

They wrote it on the sidewalks.  They wrote on the walls.  They wrote in the courtyard, they wrote it on a biology frog!!!  Okay…not really…but a little Dr. Seuss never hurt anyone.  

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The worst part is that they wrote it in CHALK, and every child knows that Chalk is like a diamond…it lasts forever.  After all, once something has been written in chalk it can never be washed away.  One student was even quoted as saying, “It’s not about the chalk…it’s about what the message represents.”  

Cowboy x2

Well, they can say what they want, but we all know that it’s really about the chalk.  After all, it’s a well-known fact that kids don’t like other kids drawing on their sidewalks.  That kind of thing only leads to turf wars.  If you don’t believe me, just ask the Israelis and Palestinians.

The whole mess of a story got me thinking about a cartoon that was on Sesame Street back in the early 1980’s.  It was about a small town called Sniddler’s Glutch that was being harassed by the renegade outlaw known as Cowboy ‘X’ who would strike fear in the towns people by branding everything in his sight with an ‘X’.   

Cowboy x5

The towns people, who obviously felt violated, held a meeting in the town’s square trying to decide what to do about this legendary outlaw who marked up their territory with ‘X’-rated graffiti.  

When a young man stood up and mentioned that they should just ask Cowboy ‘X’ to stop marking up their town, the citizens finally became a little more reasonable.  

Just ask the guy to stop?!    What a pathetic concept!    

Of course after asking Cowboy ‘X’ to stop, he just changed the letter to ‘O’. . . anyhoooo! . . . since the pathetic CHALK vandal of Emory “childcare” university is still at large, I have decided that we should label the culprit “Cowboy Trump” until they’re captured and asked to stop.  

Okay…so back to the little tikes at Emory Montessori university who are pathetically challenged in their understanding of what they really should worry and fret about.  It occurs to me that these pathetic scaredy cats aren’t really afraid of Trump, but afraid of the idea that was implanted into their impressionable, little minds about who or what the name ‘Trump’ stands for.  

Now who do you think is planting those slanderous, pathetic ideas?  The media?  The professors and educators?  The outta-this-world youth who think that everyone is against them because they put all their time and efforts into believing their own psychotic beliefs?  Orrrrrrrr maybe all of the above, perhaps?  

Yeah…I’m going with all of the above.  

Sure, Donald Trump isn’t the best candidate in the world to lead the United States, he’s very outspoken, his ideology isn’t one of unity or peace and he has some very pathetic supporters; but I really don’t think his name should strike fear into those who see it scribbled on sidewalks, nor should anyone who sees his name scribbled on a wall think that a ‘KKK’ rally is about to take place.  

Yes, one of the pathetically educated actually admitted they feared that.  I wonder how objectionable they feel when they see gang graffiti scribbled on campus.  

Therefore, my advice to these young people is to do the one thing they are never taught to do in secondary education . . . research the topic for themselves instead of regurgitating what the world has told them to believe.     

The fact of the matter is that children seventeen years and older are a pathetic example of humanity.  The majority of them can’t think for themselves and are quite gullible, believing that evil is good and good is evil.  They learn this type of ideology in schools, on the internet and other media sources to which the world has accepted and promotes as truthful.  

It’s pathetic.  It really, really is.  

It’s so pathetic that it’s actually funny because the world is filled with far worse things to fear.  Things such as terrorist attacks by the Islamic State of Stupid, deadly diseases spread by insects, the economic collapse of foreign countries . . . but hey!  What do I know, I’m just a pathetic moron who writes about everything and anything he finds pathetic. 

With that said, fearing something that isn’t actually true without researching it for yourself is pathetic, but so is being afraid of a name scribbled on a wall.  


Just for fun…you can watch the Cowboy ‘X’ cartoon >here< or read the pathetic article about Emory U. by clicking here –>< 

Cowboy x4


20 thoughts on “Chalk, It’s Forever

  1. Oh very well said irffty! It IS all so pathetic this nonsense fear of “chalk” or whatever else may pierce the little knowledge bubbles these tender hearts possess. I think Trump is a horrible candidate but no one should be getting their panties in a wad over seeing his name in chalk. I would argue that is more scary than a Trump presidency!

    Liked by 1 person

    • thanks Tricia. You know it really makes me wonder how the “generation impressionables” are going to function in the real world. You know…after mommy and daddy aren’t spoon feeding them anymore?

      Also, and you may not agree, but I think it’s high time that people (courts, parents, administrators, employers and the like) stop coddling these children. It’s creating a generation of weak minded fools.

      And yes…I coined them “generation impressionables”. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I got my little boy sidewalk chalk for his birthday…..hmmm! I live in probably the most liberal Congressional district in my area of the southwest… gave me an idea..

    I hadn’t heard about this until I read it here. Is this for real? Seriously? Adults getting all in tears over SLOGANS???!!! Or am I just living in my homeschool Mom cave with better things to do…..

    Liked by 2 people

    • Ohhhh…it’s for real. lol. You should have some fun with that new chalk. Of course, I would never promote causing a world-wide panic, but when it’s something as pathetic as this…lol…I say, have at it! After all, it’s not like it can’t be erased. 😉


  3. You know, all the things that supposedly unsettle folks and have them paralyzed with fear really make me wonder how exactly the world keeps turning, since apparently 99% of the human race – at least the American ones, anyway – should apparently all be engaged in hysterics at all the little things that cause all those weird trigger events and send them down the mineshaft of their own paranoia.

    Plus, regardless of what one knows or doesn’t, fears or doesn’t, regarding Trump and his presidential quest, a bunch of chalk does not equate to his election. It’s a bloody word. I mean, by their logic, your article could be rendering the internet an unsafe place that should be shut down, just because you used the word “Trump” in the article!

    Ahem. Crawling back to my cave, now. XD

    Liked by 2 people

    • LOL! Your perception of the world is very astute, my blogger friend. I too wonder how humanity is able to function with all the paranoia and fears they create in their own minds. I’m sure that if someone were to find my blog by performing a search on the internet, I’d probably be run out of town with torches and pitch forks. 🙂 At least that would give me something to look forward too.

      Thanks for the comment. It gave me a good laugh. 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

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