Mountains Out of Molehills


Work has become a bit more stressful for some in my little basement of doom and gloom because the powers (that be dumber than a monkey with its hand stuck in a jar) have decided that all employees need to fill out a “survey” that will be used to compile data which should reveal how much time said employees actually work in our office.  

On the surface it appears very innocent, but everyone in my office (sans the writer of this blog) is all in a panic because they are doing what typical worrywarts do…making mountains out of molehills.  

The scuttlebutt going around the office is that upper mis-management is having employees complete the survey so they can decide who will win the coveted “Pink Slip of Rejection” but that’s a pathetic piece of gossip that has everyone in the office running around chanting the proverbial Chicken Little mantra.  

However, if sounder minds would actually prevail, my co-workers would understand that a company does this every now and then for a lot of different reasons.  It could be for budgetary reasons, auditing reasons, change of management reasons or even a manager has a wild hair up the you-know-what reason.  However, the cattle in this pathetic wonderful world of worry don’t (or should I say, won’t) stop creating undo stress and strain regarding this whole mess.  

Pathetic as it may seem, it’s actually been blown out of proportion by some managers who have created dread in their teams by insisting that upper managers want to fire the whole lot of us.  

Oddly, many of these same bottom-dweller managers are having numerous meetings with their “teams” regarding this survey, and have spent countless hours trying to decide how best to answer each individual category.  

Specifically, one “team” has met for a little over five hours hoping to alleviate the panic attacks created by the pathetic rumor-swilling managers around our office.  

Personally, I’ve always believed that if you’re not doing your job, then you have something to worry about; so maybe that’s why all these Chicken Little’s have their panties all in a bunch because…and quite pathetically…they don’t seem to comprehend that spending so much time trying to figure out how to complete a survey is actually keeping them from doing the very work they should be focusing on and this may very well bite them in the proverbial “wazoo”.  

It’s really pathetic how neither the managers nor the employees can figure that out, and I think it says a lot about how negative the leadership is in our office. 

Ironically, I took the survey and it took all of fifteen minutes which left me plenty of time to write this blog post while all the other “teams” were having another meeting to discuss how to fill it out.   

 After all…it was just a pathetic survey.     

Blowing things out of proportion or making mountains out of molehills is quite pathetic.  



7 thoughts on “Mountains Out of Molehills

  1. First of all…Does management consider filling out the survey to be time spent actually doing work in the office? When I was slaving away in my last office, working most of the time, at least according to my reading of the job description under which I had submitted my application, with way more direct subject matter knowledge and experience than at least 75% of the people there, including management, I often found that surveys, meetings, preparing monthly reports, updating, monitoring and self-reporting all those metrics/stats that many of today’s employers love to use against employees, to be pathetic wastes of time, especially of my own extremely limited time as an elder, by at least 10 and often 20-30 years, to the Twit and Princess Fairy Dust, who, as it turned out, spent some of their time looking over my shoulder as opposed to just evaluating the quality of my work product when I was forced to shove it under their noses, if they could ever make time to give me that opportunity when I was forced to request it from them! I know this is a very long ranting sentence, but thanks for reminding me how pathetic that job, which had graciously been bestowed upon me based on all my experience which was so valuable to them (or at least in the lies they told me in my interview) really was! And…have a good weekend?

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  2. Do you hate melodrama as much as I do? I’m telling you, it makes me absolutely crazy! I work with mostly women too, so you can imagine how much emotion, hysteria, and silly little games go on. Does anybody actually, you know, just “work” these days? Pathetic, pathetic, I tell ya. That is all they ever do, make mountains out of molehills.

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    • Ummm…noooo…I LOVE melodrama so much that I wish it would happen every second of every day…You know, non stop fun!! LOL…

      Oh my…yes, I hate melodrama so much. After dealing with the people in my office for the past two months, I think it would be a joy and quite refreshing to work in your office.

      How’s about we trade places for a week? lol… yes? no? 😉

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