There’s a new trend in modeling where models are encouraged to put their hands over their head and show off their armpits.  (see inserted pictures for reference)


I’m not sure who exactly thinks that the armpit is “sexy”, but I have news for them…

It’s not. 

It’s an Armpit.  

There’s nothing sexy about an armpit.

Hairy, shaved, covered in chocolate, strawberries and whipped cream…the armpit is not sexy.  It’s a part of the body we all find pathetic because it causes undo stress from over-active sweat glands.  By nature and if left unchecked, it has odors that are not pleasant by any stretch of the imagination.  The armpit is not sexy, and yet…there are photographers out there that want to show off the armpit as though it’s sexy and alluring (did I spell that correctly?…A .. L .. L .. U ? ? ? .. whatever…) but it’s not.


Personally, I believe the reason for the current upswing in armpitography is because photographers are running out of parts of the female anatomy to sensualize.  They started with the face, then moved on to breasts and when those were blown out of proportion (literally) they moved on to legs, then the lower small of the back, then the belly button area and now…the armpit.  

What’s next?  The big toe?  The wrist?  Maybe the small intestine?  

Get over the fascination with the armpits, people!  Because thinking the armpit is somehow “sexy” is pathetic!! 








36 thoughts on “Armpits

    • Well, good morning to you as well and thank you!
      You’ll find that I don’t always write about “normal” stuff…just pathetic stuff…as that is the basis for my blog. 🙂

      thanks for the comment and the follow. 🙂

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  1. Ha! If you want to get really vile, there was a trend being passed around on facebook where women stopped shaving and actually dyed their armpit hair green. It was extra special pathetic, a bit frightening really.

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  2. This reminds me of an old Love Boat episode…or at least I think it was Love Boat: Young courting couple, girl always wears gloves. I mean ALWAYS. She’s willing to do anything and everything he wants EXCEPT she refuses to take off the gloves. She says she’s saving that for her wedding night! It drives him crazy and the rest is predictable. They’re just hands after all, but keeping the mystery made them seem so attractive.

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