Not a Trump card…

Mark Twain_fool people

Here in this quagmire of trysts, twists and phobias I have found that the makers of journalistic melodrama would like everyone to believe that Donald Trump is leading the GOP primary; that he has a significant lead among voters in every state, and that he’ll end up representing the Republican ticket as candidate of choice to be the illustrious presiding influence of failure for these here united states of america.  

However . . .

. . . sigh. . .

 I’m not buying it. 

The reason I’m not buying it is because there isn’t one person I know who likes the guy or can stand to listen to him.  Most of the people I know who will readily admit to being associated with one political party or another have told me that they plan on voting for anyone but Trump.  

A-N-Y-O-N-E  . . .  but Trump. 

They’re not all that impressed with his antics, and every time he’s on TV they turn the channel.  I tend to believe my friends who tell me this because. . . well . . . they’re pretty honest when it comes to opinions on who they believe would make a good leader of this great nation.  

So, why is the media making him the “darling” of the GOP?  Because they have that kind of influence. 

The journalistic hoards of monolithic hyperbole tend to release false data to easily influence the masses.  They spout rhetoric about who the “leading candidates” are, throw up false figures to try and “prove” their crap-crockery all the while shoving misinformation down the gullets of easily duped bovine who, sadly, eat it up without realizing that they were duped into swallowing a rancid pill of lies and erroneous statistics.  

It reminds me of how easily H.G. Wells’ fictional “War of the World’s” radio drama caused mass hysteria back in 1938.  Or when late-night talk show host, Johnny Carson, told the world that there was a shortage on toilet paper and the next day dull-minded bovine raided stores all over the country to “stock up” before it was gone.  (just thinking about that brings a smile to my face)

Truth is, humans will believe anything that comes from a source they consider “reputable”, and it doesn’t matter if that source has been proven to be a lying sack of cow manure.  

It’s almost as if you cattle think a source that attracts a lot of flies somehow must be filled with lots of sugary sweets.  

Come to think of it. . . you can attract a lot more flies with honey.  So I guess I stand corrected…

Agree_Depp     Pathetic.


Anyway, no matter what you all think, I’m not buying into the media’s ploy to dupe the masses.  There is no way that “The Donald” is leading the GOP nomination.


Not unless “The Donald” is a duck that doesn’t wear pants.


It’s pathetic how easily people are being swayed by the media.  Stop being a follower people! 


10 thoughts on “Not a Trump card…

  1. My carefully considered conspiracy theory (arrived at after hitting myself in the head with a brick five times) is that the media is pushing Trump in our face so they can slip in Ted Cruz as an acceptable nominee… They think people will be so relieved that Trump didn’t actually win the nomination that they will accept the fact that Cruz (the candidate most favored by Nazis still living in Argentina and controlling our politics) is the people’s choice. He will usher in a new era of crony capitalism, fascism, and racism enough to satisfy the Bilderburgers, the Illuminati, and the rest of the New World Order. Don’t call the Loony Police just yet. I promise to start taking my meds again. But how else can you explain it?

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