New Nicknames…Wikidork, Candelabra and Dip-Doodle


For the past nine months my little team was separated from the rest of the other teams I had been associated with.  We were secluded in a little office where we could talk about stuff as a team and no one ever seemed to bother us.  It was a great little office.  I liked that office. 

And then, one of the upper management douche-nozzles quit and that changed everything.  

A couple months ago my little team was placed under another dip-doodle who decided they wanted to move our team closer to their office.  He had brought it to the attention of my supervisor who couldn’t come up with any valid reasons for why we shouldn’t move, soooo…last week…we begrudgingly packed up our little office and moved.

After being in this little cube for only a couple days, I’d like to pull my hair out.  I am surrounded by idiots who think they know everything.  One guy who I like to refer to as, Wikidork, never seems shy about sharing his lack of knowledge about everything and anything.  No matter how wrong he is, he just loves sharing his stupidity.  The really sad thing is that most of the cattle that work with this guy accept his ding-battery as if it’s coming from a man who’s lived for thousands of years. 

Then there’s the gate keeper, who I like to call “Candelabra”.  The reason for the nickname isn’t because of her personality or looks, I just came up with it because it sounds funny, and I don’t normally like calling people names that aren’t funny.  

Candelabra is a wonderful gossip of everything that isn’t anything, but if you want to know something about someone, she’s your go-to person.  Furthermore, she’s the administrative assistant to our “INTERIM” supervisor, so she’s keeping track of everyone’s whereabouts, comings and goings and just being a royal pain in the you know what.  

And yes, our current upper management guy, who I’ve nicknamed dip-doodle, is “interim”.  Dip-doodle was told that his position would be interim after the douche-nozzle quit a few months back, and yet…he thinks that moving us closer to his office will impress the guy above him and force us to be under his “leadership” (a term I use very loosely because this guy isn’t a leader by any stretch of the definition.)  

Oh, and I forgot to mention that I was in an office where I didn’t have direct windows, but I could walk out in the hallway and look outside.  It was refreshing and some days  it was very much needed.  Now… I’m stuck in a basement … again … surrounded by pathetic morons … again.  

Will this pathetic work-life ever get better?  

After 44 years of pathetic experiences, I have my doubts.




18 thoughts on “New Nicknames…Wikidork, Candelabra and Dip-Doodle

  1. Well, let me tell you about nicknames. In the hinterlands of Southeast Arkansas, nobody goes by their names. Some don’t even know their name.

    First, at least half the male population is “Bubba”

    My father in law is called “Fred G” because he walks like Fred G. Sanford

    My uncle Winfred is Uncle Du, but I call him Aunt Winnie.

    His sister Wanda is Teeny

    My wife Heather is sometimes Heathen, sometimes Bodine. Beats me why.

    Me, because as the token city slicker down here they know I think all of their nicknames are dumb, have too many to count. My mother in law calls me dorkwad, because I used to call people that. My poor half deaf father in law heard that and though she said Dirt Dauber. My Step kids called me Mr. Wally for some years, but wanted something more personal, but kids don’t call grown ups by first names down here. So, my stepson calls me Wallace which is actually my name, but only he calls me that. His ding dong sister, so not to be like him, calls me Willis. At church, I am Waliford.

    Now, that is pathetic.

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  2. Brilliant! Being forced to work in an office with no windows symbolizes the character of a capitalist boss perfectly … How come the boss always has windows? Must be the reason why capitalists don’t like democracy.
    Great post!

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