Lost Boys


And as pathetic as it is…

The “boys” in this world are confused, lust-filled mongrels who lack any sense of morality or decency.  

Most of them never grow out of puberty and lack confidence, self-respect and love.  It’s sad really…because I firmly believe the reason for this is a lack of a true role-model. . . a father who will take them under their wing and teach them how to be a man. . . a real man. . . instead, they end up being one of these flimsy, pathetic lost boys who can never seem to grow up.

And what’s even more pathetic…these “boys” are procreating and creating more of their kind!



10 thoughts on “Lost Boys

    • Merry Christmas! and thank you for following my blog. I too enjoy your blog and expect to read wonderful things in the year to come! (okay…and some not so wonderful. lol) 🙂

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  1. The absence of the Father in American homes is leading directly to the demise of manhood in this nation. I know of what I speak. If not for my Heavenly Father I still would not understand manhood. But on a secular level, this still applies. Absent fathers is dragging us into a pit of perpetual adolescence.

    Great post brother

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