Less Fortunate…


This holiday season please remember the less fortunate

. . . You know?  . . .

those who can’t afford a condom and will end up procreating and not being able to pay their child support while leaving the rest of us to try and feed, clothe and shelter the bastard they sired by creating more government entitlements which will raise our taxes and take more out of our otherwise paltry and meager paychecks, all the while running from their responsibilities and trying to bleed the system dry only to whine and cry that life handed them a raw deal, when the facts prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they were solely responsible for their actions but refuse to accept that truth or be held accountable in any manner what-so-ever.

. . . ya . . .

THOSE less fortunate.

(Pathetic is as pathetic does, so do your best to avoid pathetic.  It’s for your own good.)





5 thoughts on “Less Fortunate…

    • HB, thank you for being open about how my posts have affected and impacted your feelings. I am very thankful for your words of empathy; however, these posts are leading up to something.

      Stay tuned. 🙂


  1. You want to know what is really pathetic – listen to Former Bush Sec. of Housing Catherine Austin Fitts
    Dwight Morris. That is why we are in the state we’re in.

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