What I Learned Branding Cattle


A number of years ago I went cattle branding and the rancher was trying to separate a heifer from her calf.  I, being new to this event, found it interesting that he happened to pick me out of the group and gave me instruction to stand on his right with my arms extended out to the sides with these final instructions:  “Whatever she does (the heifer) … Don’t Move!”   

So I stood there, as instructed, with my arms out to my sides waiting for whatever was about to come.  

I can honestly say that I was clueless to what was going on and didn’t really expect much.  I figured the rancher knew what he was doing and the cow would just obey.  

Boy, howdy was I wrong! 

As I stood there in position, the rancher suddenly, and without much warning, made a quick move towards the heifer and her calf, clapping his hands and hollering out.

Did the heifer just stand there?  Did she move out of the way so the rancher could corral the calf?   Nope!  She lowered her head, looked directly at me, then charged.

It’s safe to say that at that very moment I was afraid for my life, so as any intelligent moron would do, I immediately started to make my way to the side of the pen; but the rancher, seeing that I was about to leave my post once again yelled, “DON’T MOVE!!”    

So, reluctantly, with a 600+ pound cow about to send me into orbit, I regained my composure and did as the rancher instructed.  Just then and to my surprise (and relief) the heifer turned tail and ran through the pen door leaving her calf behind.

When it was all said and done, I asked the rancher why she didn’t finish the charge and he said…

“That cow doesn’t know how big she is.  She doesn’t know her own strength and because you had your arms out she thought you were bigger.  However, (he said with a smirk) if she knew that she outweighed you by 500 pounds, you would’ve been in some serious trouble.”  Then he laughed . . . (I wasn’t laughing.)

Basically, what the rancher was conveying is that cows are ignorant to their own size and strength, and the same can be said about the people all over the world.  We don’t know our own size and strength.

Today, we see the ranchers take on many forms.  They can be groups from the left wing or right wing, political leaders, those with money or the radical slaughter house workers who want to inflict fear and pain on the weak and feeble (i.e., the islamic state of stupidity).

The cattle, on the other hand, are the citizens who just want to live a quiet and tranquil life and provide for the well being of their families.  Problem is that most of them sit around chewing their cud (gossiping) and bellowing out pathetic rhetoric about how bad things are, but they never want to actually do anything to change the problems.  Instead, they put their faith and trust in the ranchers who, mind you, only have one thing in mind: sending the cattle to slaughter.

But just think…

If the cattle knew how much power they actually had, if they knew just how much they outweighed the ranchers, wouldn’t things be drastically different?

People are the same in every single nation around the world.  If they knew their own strength, if they knew just how powerful they really are, they would stand up for what they believe in and fight the good fight.  If someone attacked them and their nation, they wouldn’t wait for their political leaders to come to their aid, but instead would rise up; strong and courageous, fighting to the death to save their homes and provide a better life for their children.  Showing the world that they must respect their strength.  That they are a force to be reckoned with.  

Truth be told, Ranchers will always run the ranch, but when the cattle are strong and know their own power and strength, the rancher has to respect that power and strength or they’ll be in serious trouble.   

Cattle who don’t know their own strength are awfully pathetic.




21 thoughts on “What I Learned Branding Cattle

  1. Oh how I share the sentiment behind this clever post! I scream off rooftops at times at how people are just giving away personal power with each new government program they cheer their representatives in to passing. They just don’t get it until one day they wonder how their health care premiums got so expensive and why it takes 3 months to see a specialist. Even then, many don’t make the connection…..

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    • There was so much more I wanted to say, but it started to get convoluted. Can you imagine what the prayers of those who love God could do if they really understood the strength that lives in them and saved them and loves them and cares for them? God could do so much if we who call ourselves “believers” would just realize the strength God the Father has given us through the Holy Spirit. If we would just be like Jesus and humble ourselves and pray…God would do so much. Anyway…just a little more about what I had in mind and wanted to share but wasn’t able to fit into the post. 🙂

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