My final post…

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30 thoughts on “My final post…

  1. Can join the company of well wishers…………..

    You know what’s best,

    but like Ahnuld…………….’yule be bock…………..’

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    • Thank, Tricia. I just need a break from writing for a short time. I’m not sure I’ll delete this because there are a lot of posts on here that I think are quite humorous, so I’ll leave it up for people to enjoy. Also, I enjoy reading blogs such as yours and a few others so I’ll be sure to pop on and comment from time to time. 😉 And who knows…maybe I’ll get the urge to start writing more frequently.

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    • I’m sorry, Wally. Just something that I feel needs to happen. After three years of blogging I just don’t have it in my anymore. I’ll comment every now and then, but as for blogging, I just need to step away.

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      • I get it. I’m seriously considering ending my blog as well. I had it set to conclude Dec. 31st. I still might. I feel like I’ve said everything related to the gym that I have to say. It’s kind of morphed into other topics which are much more on my mind these days. Lately, I’ve been thinking about trying to go for another year…to try and spread some cheer and perhaps for occasional commentary on current events. Perhaps I’ll go out when Obama does. That will usher in another era for better or for worse but that could also be a good closing down time for me.

        Thank you for the contact info. It’s much appreciated! I always looked forward to reading your posts. I’m sending you wishes for all good things ahead! God bless you!


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