silent treatment

I have writers block.  

Not sure why…but I do.  

I can’t seem to write what I want to say or pen the words that are in my mind. 

Even when I try to record my thoughts and then write what I want to say, the words are jumbled.

I wish I could write because I have so much I want to say…

Like how I wish I could write about my work place and the “fun” and “exciting” changes that are happening.   Trust me…they are really pathetic and I just don’t have the words to share my stories.

Or how the world continues to progress into a state of pathetic decay, but my words are constrained and locked up tight in the bowels of my mental prison.

And oh how I would love to reveal my pathetic thoughts on the political scene that is happening here in the United States because, believe me, it’s extremely pathetic and yet, I’m at a loss for words.  

Maybe I’ll get the opportunity to write something again…

until then…

Writer’s block is pathetic.



15 thoughts on “Jumbled

  1. Well, I’m glad to see you on here with a post, blocked or not! Perhaps you could do a whole series on the block with day-by-day updates on how you’ve talked yourself out of yet another post…..

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  2. You could always do what I do, and just write it all out anyway… and unfortunately let it collect dust because it’s not PC or “fitting.” On second thought don’t do what I do.

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  3. At some point it will come flowing over and you will have no choice in the matter but to write and write.

    I have the same issue that Josh Wren was talking about. When I feel blocked it’s usually because I’m thinking about and afraid of what others will think and/or say. So many people out there judging and taking things so personally even when it has nothing to do with them.

    Some days I don’t care at all and that’s when it spills forth. But when I’m trying not to care but do anyway, it’s like the words go to hide in a dark corner somewhere in my mind. So freaking frustrating. It happened to me today too.

    Sorry to read you’re going through this.

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    • thanks, Tiger….

      and yes, what Josh said is exactly what I’m going through. So many words to say, but I can’t write them because I’m worried about what another person might think.
      Normally, that doesn’t stop me from writing, but for some reason it is now.

      Hopefully you’re correct that at some point it will over flow and the words will pour forth again. 🙂

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  4. Whenever I feel blocked, I’ve noticed it is usually because I have a lot I wish I could say, but know saying those things might be inappropriate. I want to write about something, but I know it will be read by the people I don’t want to read it, for example. It is a pathetic feeling. So I usually just end up writing about whatever is going on up on the surface until something more appropriate comes up that can be a little deeper and better.

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