Runner in the Dark


Just a word of advice to those of you who run or walk in the early morning hours…you know?… before sunrise…


If you intend to wear black, please wear reflective stripes on the front and back of your clothes.  It makes it easier for drivers to see you running in the road.  


If you don’t know where to buy the reflective stripes, may I suggest, a safety supply store, a hardware store or even a local sign shop.

Heck…they might even have a choice of colors that you can coordinate with your running ensemble.

Running in the dark without reflective gear is pathetic.





17 thoughts on “Runner in the Dark

  1. I so agree with this. When I worked at the carehome. I had to be there by 6am. We live six miles from town and it is pretty dark at that time in the winter months. For a while we would come upon a jogger wearing black clothing and even a black stocking cap. I probably drove my husband nuts saying, that guy should get some reflective tape, every single day.

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