Name Calling


I’m a liar.  

Just thought I should share that little tidbit of information.  Along with the fact that I’m also the most horrible man who’s ever lived, the stupidest man on the face of the earth, a jerk, a moron, a pain in the ass and not worthy of any woman.  

I know this to be true because it’s been told to me YET again by the world’s spokesperson for all things that are of the female gender.

It’s nice, really…because now I can tell you all exactly what I think of you… 

Just want to let you women know…your gender is the most unreliable, most pathetic, most hurtful, most heinous, most contentious, most condescending, most hurtful, most hateful, most vexing, most negligent, most unholy, most untruthful, mean-spirited gender in the world.  

And I mean that with all my heart.  

I wish God would have never created your gender because life would have been so much easier without you around.    

You’re all pathetic.   


29 thoughts on “Name Calling

  1. I came to visit, but find myself tiptoeing in today. Are you going to throw something at me? 😉 You’re ten days removed from this post so I hope you’re wounds have been attended to by time. Maybe, just maybe, the general population of females looks a little bit better now?!

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  2. Oh dear….you HAVE to hang out with a better crowd. I wouldn’t listen for ONE second to someone who talked to me like that…because I know it’s not true. So do you! Put up the Batshield and do not let this person talk to you ever again!

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  3. I’m a bit bitter myself today, irtfy. You know, if we were to just trade enemies, we’d both have an alibi and be lacking a motive…..

    I believe Alfred Hitchcock wrote an entire tale about it. 😉

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  4. Sorry dude, I’ve been there but on the other side of the coin of course and it really stinks. It’s been a couple of days, hoping you’re feeling a little better about things.

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  5. Oh dear. I used to feel that way about guys until I stopped looking and ended up finding a friend instead, who became my Hubby almost 25 years ago. Don’t give up. There are some nice gals out there, they just haven’t found you yet.


  6. Honestly… We’re not all that bad… Sorry you’ve had a shitty experience… But don’t tar all womankind with the same brush…


  7. You poor guy. I am so sorry. Contentious and vexing, yes indeed, guilty as charged.

    “I wish God would have never created your gender because life would have been so much easier without you around.”

    The danger that lies behind such statements, at least when women curse out all of mankind, is that what we’re really saying is that we wish God had not made us vulnerable and desiring a relationship with the opposite sex. That is a Divine comedy indeed and causes all manner of heart and headaches.

    As to being worthy, God says you were worth dying for, and surely His words must trump those of some silly girl 😉


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