Pathetic Wisdom Wednesday



Stupidity annoys me, so please make every attempt to avoid me today if you plan on being or acting stupid.   

(**Note: I deem stupidity to be anything and everything that includes …  talking, walking, chewing, breathing, harassing, thinking, believing, condescending, griping, complaining, working, slandering, insulting, complimenting, waving, looking, touching, feeling, hoping, wondering, requesting, expecting, desiring, wanting, loving, hating, singing, backstabbing, murdering, blogging, drinking, interneting, driving, playing, horsing, laughing, tickling, thriving, striving, exerting and existing.)


Here’s a video to get you through your Wednesday: 



12 thoughts on “Pathetic Wisdom Wednesday

  1. I taught English to middle school students for twenty four years, so you really can’t surprise me with any sort of stupidity among mortal humans (and I realize that if I am complaining that makes me stupid too… so I should point out that I love stupid middle school kids).:)

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    • I got caught up in it the other night and couldn’t stop watching clips of it. I don’t know which is more pathetic, his reasons for why things happen or that people actually believe him!! His show is proof that there are people out there in this world who are just plain ignorant.


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