I was walking to work this morning and noticed that people who were walking towards me made a conscience effort to avoid me at a wide distance.  

I don’t think I was down wind of them, but even still.  I showered this morning and normally use Old Spice scented bath soap, so I know I don’t stink.  Also, I do wear deodorant and I try to stay well-groomed in my appearance, so it’s not like I resemble a bum or transient.  

As of late, I’ve noticed that this happens more often, where people who are walking towards me lower their heads and make an effort to avoid me by giving me a wide birth.  I wouldn’t normally think anything of it, but with all the crap that’s gone down in my life over the past ten years, it makes me wonder if I’m not cursed. 

Truth be told, I think I am cursed, and however it happened or whoever asked for this to happen needs to have the same thing happen to them because this isn’t funny.  It’s down right mean and pathetic.





25 thoughts on “Cursed

        • I know! And at my age, I’m not really into smelling like a 16 year old in heat. Personally, I’m thinking that Aqua Velva and Stetson cologne needs to make a comeback. that’s the stuff of my dad’s generation and it smelled good.


  1. I used to think I was cursed…no seriously. I dumped my second boyfriend in front of the entire jr high body. He threatened me later that I would forever regret this. At the time he was very fascinated with Wiccan life. After terrible relationship after terrible relationship I began to think he hexed me. Now how did I end up married to him 15 years later. Hmmmm

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  2. Ah, you poor guy! I know the feeling well.

    Now see, my husband would call this blessed not cursed, “people who were walking towards me made a conscience effort to avoid me at a wide distance.” It is all a matter of perspective I suppose. A proper pirate enjoys cultivating a sense of terror that sends people fleeing to cross the street 😉

    Myself, I just tend to stalk people when they do that. I’ve lived in this town for 30 years, and I am not the invisible woman. I demand you acknowledge my presence.

    There is a lot of shame and fear in the world. Chances are pretty good it’s not all about you. Sometimes those who cast their eyes downward and try to avoid us are the ones that need us the most of all. Keep the faith.

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    • LOL. hahaha…If you can’t tell, I’m trying to write stuff that makes people feel sorry for me…LOL!!…but quite honestly, I don’t mind when people give me my space, I actually prefer it. You know, I really wish I were a pirate, then I could walk around with a parrot on my shoulder and a patch on my eye without looking weird.

      Pirates are fun. 😉 lol.

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