Never Saw it Coming…

Trojan Horse


My dad always taught me to think ahead.  Not to rush into judgement, but rather to stand back when all hell breaks loose and analyze the situation, considering every possibility and then choosing the best one.  He also taught me to watch how people react in situations and to listen to their words; not just what they say, but how they say it.  

Most of all, he taught me to stay one step ahead of my enemy by thinking like my enemy.  

With that said, most of you know that I refer to ISS as the Islamic State of Stupid, however, they aren’t as stupid as I thought.  They are actually quite cunning and devious, and because of that I believe the West is in some serious trouble.    

Here’s why…

The “migrants” that Europe is allowing to pour into their countries are a ploy.

Look at it from the viewpoint of ISS or another terrorist organization…

A large group of people flee Syria, Libya and other countries in Africa and the Middle East.  They tell people that they are fleeing because of war, poverty and oppression.  Among them are children.  Children, whom the Islamic State of Stupid really don’t care about.  

These children are used to exploit the bleeding hearts of those in the West who aren’t smart enough to see through the devious tactics used by the Islamic State of Stupid.  So, Europe and North America open their borders to these “refugees”.  

Because they want to show their kindness and love, the Western nations allow these people to pour into their nations by the masses.

So many people infiltrate these nations that governments don’t have the resources to keep track of them all; consequently, the Islamic State of Stupid (who’s main purpose is to destroy the West by any means necessary) plant a few of their own among the migrants heading into these countries, and because the nations don’t have the resources to do enough background checks or to keep track of their whereabouts, these ISS members begin traveling through Europe recruiting the ignorant to fight their war.   

Soon enough, they start performing terror attacks on a massive scale.  Attacks that the West never saw coming because they were ignorant to the tactics of their enemy.   

(I hope I’m wrong, but based on the tactics of ISS and other terror groups, I know I’m not.)





13 thoughts on “Never Saw it Coming…

  1. You’re not wrong. They already said that’s exactly what they were going to do…but this does not happen without a strangely complicit ruling class of western leaders, Merkel in particular, but the whole lot of them (with the exception of the Hungarians who are being castigated mightily because they’re balking at the influx). I’m struggling trying to put all the pieces together. We have mass immigration into Europe and the U.S. (we don’t see ours the same way but we took 280,000 muslims last year plus a few thousand additional muslims termed “refugees”. You also probably remember the large influx of Central American refugees we absorbed. Could it be some sort of concerted effort to undermine western powers through massive immigration from other cultures all at once?

    Obama just put out the plan to take in an additional 20,000 Syrians.

    Did you know that very few Christians are in that bunch of moving humanity you see in Europe? They are being slaughtered by ISIS in the Middle East but are largely not being helped. There are over 1, 000,000 stuck in camps in Lebanon but very few are in the crowds leaving (they don’t have the means). Many of the muslims showing up in Europe say they are Syrian but they are documented as coming from all over Africa and the Middle East. There are a lot of economic migrants, not fleeing war but coming to get what they call a “salary” ie benefits from the wealthier European countries (UK, Germany and Sweden in particular). Once they get in, they can travel anywhere in the EU and that’s where they’re headed.

    Also, it’s worthy of note that few other Muslim countries will accept them. Saudi Arabia (and many other muslim majority, Middle Eastern countries) say they are reluctant because they may be harboring “terrorists” among them. Hmmmmm……

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    • You said a mouthful, and I couldn’t have said it better!!

      I have so much I want to say in agreement, but since you worded everything so eloquently, I’ll just leave you with… I am in complete agreement with everything you just wrote. Thank you for this comment!! 😀

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