Pathetic Wisdom Wednesday


Can’t seem to come up with a great idea?  Creative juices just aren’t flowing?  Can’t get that light bulb to turn on over your head? 

Here’s a thought…

Stand in a puddle of water and stick your finger in a light socket. 

(disclaimer: This post was just for humor, not to be taken seriously.  Furthermore, I take no responsibility for any cattle who actually perform this act after reading the above text.  
If you’re really ignorant and stupid, please take my advice and don’t stick your finger in a light socket while standing in a puddle of water.  It won’t give you any bright ideas.  Instead, it’ll kill you.
For those who have lost loved ones who did happen to stick their finger in a light socket while standing in a puddle of water, I mean no offense by my post and hope you can see the humor that is only to shed light on how pathetic some suggestions can be.) 


9 thoughts on “Pathetic Wisdom Wednesday

  1. I’ll keep this in mind during my next creativity drought which seem to be happening more and more frequently. True shock treatment! Ok, that last bit was kind of pathetic on my part…;)


  2. Love the disclaimers. Do not try this at home! It reminds me of those warning labels on five gallon buckets, where inserting your head in a bucket of water can induce drowning. Also, do not place plastic bags over your head, you can suffocate.

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    • LOL. I saw a warning label on a cooking device I purchased that said: “Warning! This device gets really hot. So don’t touch it when it’s hot.”

      I got a good laugh out of that one and after I wrote the post, I started thinking that someone might actually attempt this and decided the disclaimer was a good idea. lol. 😀 Thanks for the comment IB.

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