Yoga Pants


Once again the internets has not failed in providing a heaping dose of pathetic for me to write about.  

As the title states, today’s subject…  Yoga Pants.  

I ran across an article out there on the world-wide-web of social injustice that does a superb job of revealing the ignorance and stupidity of not only the person who wrote it, but also the teen-aged princess that wants to have her name in lights for all the world to recognize that she, among other things, got a ring in her nose! 

Of course that’s never mentioned by her or the moron who wrote the article, but after reading the article I’m beginning to wonder if that wasn’t the real motive behind the protest.  

The true nature of the article is that this little prima donna is… like, all in a tizzy … beeee cuzzzz … ummmm … liiiike … the school has … like … a policy? …  that won’t, like  …  let girls wear yoga pants as … like … uh … you know? … like … pants.  

Interesting item that I’d like to point out, however, is that in the article (that was poorly edited, mind you) the girl is initially quoted that her reason behind the protest is because the “Cape Cod Technical High School unfairly body-shames female students.” 

And then later in the article, she states “Many of us think that it is because it’s considered more of a distraction to boys…” and then she posted “First Day = Yoga Pants!  Shouldn’t have to pay…because some boys can’t ‘control’ themselves.” on her social-I-want-my-way-and-will-throw-a-temper-tantrum-until-you-give-me-what-I-want page.

Mind you . . . the school never said that yoga pants were strictly prohibited.  They only recommended that if a student should happen to wear yoga pants, they should be worn under a skirt or shorts; as an accessory, not as regular pants.  They also mentioned that the reason for their rule is because they, as an institution, are “attempting to help prepare students for the future, which includes giving them soft skills that employers seek, one being: awareness of appropriate dress for appropriate venues.”  

Now, please understand.  My personal preference is that I enjoying seeing certain women (who can pull it off) wear yoga pants because they accentuate their “assets” of which I enjoy viewing. . . HOWEVER . . .  If I had a daughter, I’d do my best to make sure that she wore the yoga pants under something that would cover her area of marital visitation.  

The reason is because sometimes yoga pants have a tendency to reveal outlines of areas that immature little boys (age not withstanding) will joke and talk about which can result in little girls (age also not withstanding) developing complexes over.   

The truth is, wearing yoga pants can’t be pulled off by every girl/woman/lady out there.  It’s like spandex biker shorts on men…some guys just have WAYYY too much package to wear that kind of thing in public and it just shouldn’t be done!  

Actually…side note:  Men!  It’s never okay to wear spandex biker/running shorts as just shorts.  That’s just wrong on so many levels.  I don’t care what the Nike slogan says,  just DON’T do it.

wow! … okay … so, where was I?


blah…blah…blah…yoga pants, spandex biker shorts are pathetic. 






23 thoughts on “Yoga Pants

  1. Is it pathetic that I laughed reading this entire article? 😛
    I mean, I love how you presented a sensitive matter with a dab of humor. 🙂

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  2. Yoga pants when properly worn by women that can pull it off is beautiful, that said I am a father of a daughter and no effing way I want her wearing yoga pants! As for men and spandex PLEASE DO US ALL A FAVOR!

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  3. Exactly. We often comment that some people should NOT wear shorts/mini skirts/hotpants/ski pants because their shape does not do them justice (‘their’ and ‘them’ interchangeable from attire to human, whatever) 🙂

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  4. Ha! “Cape Cod Tech” school just screams total brat, doesn’t it? I notice the gal is quite obsessed over “body shaming girls”, but seems to think nothing of shaming boys, or rather seems to believe this is entirely their fault and they all deserve to be shamed!

    What many of these girls don’t seem to realize is that they are full of coconut candy. If they wished to be comfortable and relax they would be wearing an old pair of sweats and a baggy tee shirt. They are not, they are deliberately wearing something sexy and form fitting….to impress boys! There’s nothing wrong with wanting to impress boys at all, but there is something wrong with being so unaware of the nature of your own self that you don’t even know what you’re doing.

    In all seriousness, how can we ever have strong, empowered girls if we’re going to just encourage denial and stupidity?

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    • Okay…you can’t hear it or see it, but I just applauded you. (here’s where you take a bow) because I love everything you said and agree with you 10,000%!!

      I wanted to get into that very issue of wearing sweats and a baggy tee if she really wanted to be “comfortable”…but I sort of lost track there at the end and gave up. LOL…

      thank you for finishing my thoughts in a much more eloquent and tactful statement. 🙂

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  5. Lol! This is so funny and hits home with me because I just bought 6 new pairs of “yoga” pants to wear to the gym instead of shorts. I felt like the shorts were too revealing because they were short but now I swear the pants feel just as bad lol.
    And I totally agree that men don’t need to wear them. I feel that I am safe saying that on your blog haha. I saw something on Facebook that said that men should no longer wear cargo shorts and had all of these pictures of the shorts that men “should” be wearing. They were short. Rolled up even. No. Just no.
    Cargo shorts stay!

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    • Keen peach, I’ll tell you something even worse. I vacationed once on the Adriatic coast in Italy, and the accepted beach attire for the men was speedos. Didn’t matter the man, either. Whew. dang is all I can say to that.

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    • LOL. thanks for the comment. I have to say that I’m impressed that you take into consideration what you might be revealing to others. There are so many people…both men and women…who seem to not care about there appearance anymore.

      I can honestly say, cargo shorts are a life saver for me. If I didn’t have all the pockets that cargo shorts offer, where would I put my wallet, keys and cell phone among other things? And short shorts on men… uh… NO THANK YOU. they tried that in the 80’s and look how that worked out. LOL.


  6. You know, that’s tough the being a Dad part. We are, after all, guys who appreciate women. It just is very disturbing for a guy to appreciate our daughters. But it’s got to be allowed eventually and that is also very pathetic.(and confusing too)

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    • Wow. Wally, what you said is so very true. We appreciate women and enjoy looking at them, but being a dad and seeing that men and boys are staring at your daughter…that’s a tough one. Protective mode seems to play a role there and yes, it is confusing.


      • Well yes it is. Look I’m pretty traditional about dating and such. I’m not really a fan, for instance, of mine asking boy out. Shoot me I guess, but that’s me. On the other hand, if I teach her that, then it’s not really fair for me to say she can’t make herself attractive right? See? Even more confusing that you suspected.

        But not too worried about the boys. The one around at the moment pretty clearly understands that if he cons her into something immoral, he better like it a lot, because it’s probably his one and only chance LOL.

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        • 🙂 LOL. I don’t date anymore, but when I did, I was always afraid of the dad. Mom’s I could win over with charm, but dad’s…they saw through my crap pretty quickly and I learned that I had to be real with them.

          I’m sure you’ve done a really good job as a dad. Hope your kids appreciate you…if not, they will. 😉

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      • Well thanks. I have had two chances at being dad, you know. I raised two children to adulthood as a raging heathen, and we are still undoing the damage that was done. But, the Lord blessed me with a second chance and I inherited two more young ones that are approaching adulthood. I still suck as a Dad, but the Holy Spirit is pretty good at it and is doing better through me this time.

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