Not That It’s Important, but…


I don’t normally think much about site views or the stats of this little blog I have, but it’s weird that I had a nice little run there for three days and then…pathetic.  


13 thoughts on “Not That It’s Important, but…

  1. It happens to me and many others too, so you are not alone my friend.
    Since WP started playing in the background, my stats have been all over the place, and I still can’t work out how the views are calculated.
    I could understand when we were away as we didn’t post anything and it took a while for mine to ‘recover’ to a degree. Then we went away again but apart from one abysmal day, things seemed pretty normal for me.
    Since the changes to the stats page and reader, I have have come nowhere near my best ever views in one day of 292, so guess I haven’t hit on the right formula again yet. I’d love to hit 300.
    My followers are bobbing like halloween apples and some have had to re-follow.
    I’m still here in the field and reading moo!

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    • lol. good way to think about it. Personally, I think wordpress just likes to play with our minds and makes us think we’re popular, then they bring us back to reality by crushing our spirits by making us think our blogs aren’t that great. Mind games!! it’s all mind games…

      Too bad I deleted my old blogs…then I could test this hypothesis.

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