No, that’s not the temperature today!


I’m sure it is somewhere in the world, but not where I live.  God has blessed my little land with some really cool temps right now and that’s something I’m so very thankful for because it’s normally 90+ degrees Fahrenheit with 100% humidity and dew points above 65 during the month of August.  But today, it’s about 85 and there is a really cool breeze blowing that makes me laugh when I read that NASA declares 2015 the hottest on record.  

Yeeeaaahhh…. no.  

I think our little town reached 100 degrees three times this year where normally we have 20 days of 100+ degree days.  So, yeah…

anyway…I’m only posting this because for two days straight I had exactly 103 views on my blog per day, and I’m hoping that I can get another 103 today.

It’s pathetic, I know…but I’d really appreciate your help getting there.  



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