Magic Mike and The Disappearing Act of the Year


Tuesday was a day of celebration for a few people within our organization.  

The reason?  

Because Tuesday was the day that Magic Mike took to the stage so he could perform his final illusion!   

. . . He quit.  

From what I understand he was given the option of leaving on his own terms or being demoted to a lower position.  Basically taking away his stapler and moving him to a desk in the lower bowels of the building.  

Since he wasn’t okay with that, he made the most out of his predicament and took a job with another company.  Gotta say…I was actually surprised that he was being proactive for once.  

Nevertheless, it turns out that since I quit taking on his work, three others finally stood up to him as well and quit doing his job for him.  This resulted in the higher ups finally realizing that Magic Mike was just an illusionist and never really did anything.  

Fortunately, he can now perform his magic act somewhere else.  

It really is pathetic to celebrate after a coworker quits their job.



27 thoughts on “Magic Mike and The Disappearing Act of the Year

  1. Glad you have the opportunity to work with someone who will do their share, let’s hope. Doing your job and the job of somebody else is soooooo pathetic.

    Hey, thank you for all of the likes over at my blog. Now that isn’t pathetic. God bless us.

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  2. Cool! I am reminded of the time I had worked for an cleaning organization, when I found out a new hire made more than I do, I went to talk to the boss and was displeased with her comment as I was lucky to have a job because I am deaf and who else would take me. So later on I was fuming then OK. I quit. Next day 4 of my co workers all stopped by to see me and said they all quit too!

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  3. The Magic Mikes of the world generally get proactive in the moments when they have to save their own AS*, don’t you find that too? As it is, perhaps now you’ll get another team member who will actually do the job for which they are hired! And all this, of course, is owed to you…..not part of the herd, but the leader who set the herd down this path!

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