The Godfather and The Barista


–  Gas to drive 7 miles to Starbucks   –   $1.10

–  One large caramel frappuccino   –   $4.65

–  Time spent standing in line   –  15 minutes

–  Getting a good laugh while looking around the room as the barista butchered the name “Don Corleone”   –  Pathetic!

She obviously had never seen The Godfather movies or heard that name before because on her first attempt she yelled out… “Cor–LEE–on!”   Which was close, but then changed it to… “Cor-lani!” . . .  which by this point I was chuckling a bit, but it really made my morning when she finally yelled out, “Cor-luna!?”  . . . “Cor-Luna!?!” 

which was not even close to “Cor-le-o-nee.”  

still not me…just a random pic

I know . . . I’m pathetic, but I can’t help it.






10 thoughts on “The Godfather and The Barista

  1. Ha! Starbucks really is pathetic. That’s like coffee sacrilege or something. A true coffee snob like me needs her Italian words spoken and spelled properly and her beans so fresh they do not require ounces of sugary syrup and assorted flavors just to make them palatable. I should also mention that those beans should be organic free trade beans locally roasted and the frothy milk must be hand massaged out of the cows by the farmer’s virgin daughters. Capeesh? 😉

    Capeesh for the totally neurotic who drink entirely too much coffee, is actually the American slang for capisce. It’s a bit like express-O. 😉

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