Pathetic Wisdom Wednesday


I find it very pathetic that the human race has become enamored with creating an android that has feelings and can think for itself.  

My reason for this is because they aren’t creating anything new, instead, they are pathetically attempting to create something that resembles a human with human characteristics. 

So, this begs the questions. . . . Why can’t they come up with a better idea than a human?  Do they honestly think that creating something that represents a human is the best there is?  

If so, then I have some advice for them…

If they are so desperate to create something that has feelings, human characteristics and reasoning skills, then do it the old fashioned way… have sex with the opposite gender and procreate.  

Not only is it less time consuming…it’s a hell of a lot more fun! 



7 thoughts on “Pathetic Wisdom Wednesday

  1. They have come up with something different, that would be pathetic false gods who cannot see, hear, speak, walk, or do anything. Now if that isn’t the height of patheticness I don’t know what is. They turn from the God who loves them supremely, hears and answers their cries for help, has sent His Son so they can be forgiven for their sins and have eternal life knowing the eternal God, and they fall down before a sculpted piece of wood, silver, gold, marble, etc, and say you are our god. How pathetic!

    By the way, thank you for visiting my blog. God bless us.

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    • Very well said. I really believe that Pride and selfishness have a lot to do with people walking away from the love of God. Both are nasty traits and one of the biggest reasons that God told Cain in Genesis that he needed to be the master over sin and not the other way around. It’s a warning all humanity needs to learn.

      Thank you for the comment, Eliza. God Bless.


  2. Good point! Aren’t there enough humans in the world being made the old fashioned way? Why do we want to try and make a new kind? To make things even stupider, we’re trying to make sex robots. Call me crazy, but sex is supposed to be about humans, either making more of them or connecting with them, creating intimacy, devotion. Robot sex would be like having sex with yourself. So now we have to give our robots feelings and the ability to think for themselves so they will be more human. So what we really want is something human like that we can totally control, that has no soul. That’s just pathetic.

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