Setting Trends

 Set Trends

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m seeing a trend where more and more people are using the word “pathetic”. 

I wonder why that is? 

Did I start something?  Are there more cattle reading my blog and beginning to realize that the entire world is filled with pathetic so they now use the term more often? 

We may never know, but I must say that I like that people are following my pathetic example. 

Trend setting is pathetic.


8 thoughts on “Setting Trends

  1. LOL! Moooo….

    Trend setting is NOT pathetic. If we are going to have trend setters, I would prefer you do it. The other trend setters are selling purses for 600 dollars because they have a fried egg painted on the side of them. Although I admire their ingenuity, I rather resent the implication that I am a pathetic enough to spend 600 dollars for the privilege of walking around with a fried egg on my arm.

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    • hahahaha! I don’t know if leading the masses into a new trend was my general idea when I started this blog. After all, my whole purpose is to get people to realize that they can be brainwashed so easily and they should stop following everyone else. …

      mmm…fried eggs sound delicious. Now I’m hungry. 😉

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