Pathetic Truth Tuesday


It’s pathetic to look at yourself in the mirror and think, “WOW!  I look really cute!”  

Because other cattle in the herd don’t see what you see, and most of them think you look just as pathetic as you think they look.  


20 thoughts on “Pathetic Truth Tuesday

      • Whenever I say to myself in the mirror, “You are hot stuff” it does the opposite of making me vain and self-centered. I have a good laugh, feel more confident, and less focused on myself for the rest of the day. 🙂

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        • It’s good that it has that affect on you. however, it doesn’t always work that way with other people…most just look at themselves and think more highly of themselves than they ought…myself included. 😉


        • What?? Nah! At least not most women. Most women look in the mirror and criticize themselves. Not sure how it is with men.

          So my question is…are you really good looking or just think you are?

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        • Hrmm…good insight on the mind of women. As for men, we just look in the mirror and wonder if we should bother shaving that day. Most of us could care less about how attractive we may or may not be.

          To answer your question…I don’t think I’m attractive at all. I’ve been told that I’m an attractive guy, but I don’t see what other people see.

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  1. You are cute! Sons and daughters of the King of Kings, created in His image. Wonderfully and fearfully made. Beautiful and wonderous even.

    The way we look on the outside can be a bit deceptive however, because we have a tendency to want others to perceive us as cute and to treat us better according to our attractiveness. I think that’s a leftover from childhood, because kids act extra cute so we don’t kill them. It doesn’t work so well as an adult. 😉

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