Time to Start Looking Again?


I’ve been here at my job for a little over two months now and it’s been a nice change of pace from what I had been doing.   

I enjoy the work because my phone hardly ever rings and when it does, it’s usually a vendor calling to give me a quote and not someone calling to ask if can fix a technical problem they created.  

The guys I work with are nothing at all like Pippi, Pinata or Magic Mike.  These guys are actually decent people who I can joke around with and feel comfortable working around, but I’m beginning to wonder if maybe I shouldn’t start looking for another job.  

My reason is because the two guys I work with don’t really enjoy being here and they seem to be calling in sick … a lot.  Not that I’m keeping track, but five days a week I tend to wonder if I’ll be the only one in the office that day.  

Now, don’t get me wrong…I enjoy the alone time, and I understand where these guys are in their emotional state about their jobs.  I’ve been there so I can empathize with them, but still…I’m new and I’m still learning this job, so it’s nice to have at least one of them here to ask questions of when I’m not sure about something.   

So I’m not sure what I’m going to do.  I guess it can’t hurt to get my resume out there and see what kind of opportunities might become available.  Who knows?  There might be a great business out there that wants to hire a pathetic moron like myself!    

Kind of pathetic that after nearly three months I’m thinking about finding another job.  — How sad is that? 




17 thoughts on “Time to Start Looking Again?

  1. I don’t think that it is pathetic at all. Someone once gave me the advice that you should start thinking about your next job as soon as you start a new one. No harm in looking. Is there anything in your current company that interests you? I ask because job hopping never looks good on a resume…but promotions look GREAT!

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  2. You’re not no pathetic moron person! You got another job really quick when you quit the other one didn’t you? It’s ok if you feel you need to find another job, doesn’t mean it’s pathetic. Stop insulting yourself will you. I don’t like anybody insulting people that I like. So there!

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  3. Sounds like a good way to
    A. Advance quickly; and
    B. Set things up the way you like them to go (i.e. make up your own rules).

    Might not be the worst thing to happen being on your own for a bit. If anyone questions your methods then you have just cause to vent that when left on your own, you trust your own instincts in lieu of anyone else to question……

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