A message…




I am the Lord your God.  The God of Heaven and Earth.  The maker of all things great and small.  

I have called to you from the depths of your soul.  Seeking you, because you would not seek Me.  

I have given you the rain for its season, the snow for its season.  I have provided you with nourishment and truth for your body and your soul, but you would not thank me.  You refused My blessing and cursed Me.  

You say in your heart,  “how have I cursed you?”  By not giving Me the glory due Me and not praising Me with your mouth and by putting other gods before you which are not gods, but idols.  The work of man’s hands and imaginations.  

You did not seek Me when I called to you.  You did not seek me when I laid Myself bare in front of you.  Instead, you sought your own desires…your own foolishness.  

You looked for help but there was none.  You sought company and relationship, but there was none to be found.  All who looked at you saw nothing.  They wagged their heads at you in disgust and they did this at My bidding.  

I am the LORD.  I will not be mocked.  

You think that your ways are just, but you confound the truth and malign it with evil.  You think that every perverse way is of Me, that evil is good, but it is not My way and never will be.  

Your truths are what you live by, but your truths are lies in My eyes.  They are a retribution.  A cause of great harm. 

Listen to the Word of the LORD!   Hear what the Heavenly Father of all created things speaks to you.  Take heed! you who think that your way is just.  Listen up! you who devise evil plans and do not consult Me.  For I, the LORD, will show you great and wonderful things, if you would seek Me with all your heart, mind and soul.  

I will show you the true path of righteousness.

For am I not a God of compassion?  Am I not a God of great mercy and lovingkindness?  Do I not show justice over all the earth?  

You who devise evil, your days are numbered.  You who speak ignorant and perverse things, your mouth will be closed in My hearing.  For none will speak unless I allow them to speak, and none will relay my truth unless I allow them to relay my truth.  

For the wicked will not succeed in their plans and the perverse will not inherit a kingdom of great wealth.  I have commanded it.  I have spoken it.  I am the LORD, the God of Heaven and My power will go out before Me.  

I have set my Standard on High.  He is My Word.  My Truth.  My Way.  All who look upon Him will not be disappointed and they will worship Me with songs of great joy and celebration and dancing.  

The festival will carry on until all who delight in Me have had their fill.  Like a man who drinks wine, they will drink of Me and they will rejoice in Me, because I have saved them from the wicked and released the prisoners from their chains.  I am the LORD…the God of Heaven and earth who does great and mighty works.  

Who can ever question their maker when caught in their trespasses?  Should I not be able to discipline those I love?  Do I not have that right as the God of all creation?  

You speak evil in your heart and say with your mouth that you will rise to Heaven when you die.  How can this be?  For you have not sought Me in your heart and Heaven is my home.  How will the wicked dwell with the righteous?  How can the perverse consort with the holy?

I have covered the earth with its cloak and stretched out the heavens so they might contain wonders great and small.  I have created the world for all living things and for My glory and honor.  How do you as a man think that you have created anything of worth?   For even the words you speak, have they not been spoken before?  

Therefore, nothing is new on earth.  Nothing is new unless I create it.  I AM the LORD.



7 thoughts on “A message…

      • That’s the lazy answer. If God put this on your heart as sort of a prophetic word who was it intended for?

        In other words, if this was intended for ME then you and I have problems.

        Liked by 1 person

        • Quix, it’s not a lazy answer. It’s an honest answer. I don’t know who this is for.

          I actually thought it was for me…but well…

          Here’s the nuts and bolts of it:

          I got up this morning and wasn’t happy. I showered…went about my morning as I normally do and then headed out to work. While driving to work…I wasn’t happy…I don’t know why.

          I parked my car…walked up to my office building and was still not happy…
          as I sat down and start to log into my PC, the words filled my mind and I got more upset because I didn’t know what they were for or what to do with them.

          I went about my morning routine as I do every morning and tried to ignore the words…but they wouldn’t go away.

          I finally said to God, “FINE! I’ll write what you want me to write.” and what you read is what God wanted to say through me to whomever He wanted to speak too.

          If it was you, so be it. If someone else…so be it. Either way, they aren’t my words…I can’t write that well in the spur of the moment.

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