In light of recent financial problems in Greece my family was talking about how crappy life would be if the global markets were to take a nose dive and humanity was left to fend for themselves. 

My dad, being a veteran of the Vietnam conflict said that he would barricade he and my mother in their home and try to protect them both from anyone who attempted to raid or pillage their property.

My sisters and their families all said that they would join my parents and do whatever they could to protect the well-being of our family.

And then they all looked at me with a look of hope that I would join their plans, but to their astonishment I told them that I wouldn’t stay where I currently live, but would move to either Montana or Idaho.

It took a moment for them to ask, but eventually my mother asked me why I would choose to leave our family in a desperate time of need and venture off to another state where winter lasts for 9 months out of the year, to which I replied…

First… Mountains.

The mountains give shelter and provide higher ground for an approaching enemy.

Next…Wild Animals.

I can hunt and fish wild game and store it for the winter months which will give me plenty of food all year round if stored properly.

And last but not least…Fresh Water and Plenty of Timber.

Trees galore in those states which provide awesome cover and resources for building a house.  Also, winter may last for 9 months of the year in those upper elevations, but the snow fall is normally pretty heavy and when melted down, provides plenty of fresh water.  

Not too mention that every time I urinated, spit or bathed in a river, I would always know that it flows south for those living in the warmer climate to enjoy.  

After that last statement my family decided they liked my idea of heading north.

Having a plan for an economic collapse but not thinking it through, is pathetic.






7 thoughts on “Spit

  1. Ha. so sad for you. I can stay right here in Arkansas and have all of that, minus the mountains and snow of course. But the wildlife, water, timber and all I don’t even have to head north for. Ha ha.

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