As you can see by the above definition, today’s word is:   …  ‘Frivolous’

It’s origin isn’t important, but the overall meaning: “not having any serious purpose or value”, is.  And allow me to tell you why.

Most of you, since you were wee little children, have been told that you can be anything you want or desire to be; however, other than, “NOOooo….those pants don’t make you look fat” or “NOOOooo…lighting the couch on fire shouldn’t cause too much damage!” that comment is one of the biggest lies ever mentioned. 

And what’s even more disappointing is that those words come from people you trusted.  “People” such as your parents, grand parents, teachers and close friends.  

Oh sure, every parent likes to tell their kids such things, but the truth is…everyone is always at the mercy of someone else and therefore you CANNOT be whatever you desire to be unless the powers that be give you approval. 

For example, if you desire to be a doctor, you can’t legally just claim you’re a doctor, start your own practice and begin seeing patients, because if you did, you’d be escorted to the nut farm. 

Oh Sure!  You’d finally get to be a resident in a hospital and wear a white coat but it wouldn’t be the same as being a real doctor.

No…to become a doctor you would first have to take years of college courses; of which, you’re at the mercy of the teachers who want you to pass their classes by their standards. 

Even then, after completing your undergrad you would have take an entrance exam to see if you learned anything and your scores, as well as your life history and value to society, would be at the mercy of a group of people who determine whether or not you’re good enough to be allowed into med school. 

Speaking of med school, if you’re accepted, you would then, once again, be at the mercy of the teachers to pass their classes by their standards.  And IF they allowed you pass their classes and proceed into a medical career, you would then be at the mercy of a doctor that has been in practice for years and thinks they know everything, or you’d be at the mercy of the patients that get the option of choosing you as their doctor … or both. 

So, you still think you can be anything you want to be?  Well, here’s another example…

Let’s say you needed a job, and in your job search you find that being a CEO pays a lot of money, so you decide one morning to get all dressed up in your fancy duds and head out to the nearest corporation to claim your new position as a CEO. 

As you walk into the multi-billion dollar corporation of your choosing, you search for and find the office of the CEO and exclaim, “Hello everyone!  I’m the new CEO!”

Let’s see…

How long do you think it would take for security to remove you from the premises?  I’m thinking a ten minutes, but I’m estimating high because I’m factoring in how difficult it would be to carry you out of the building while you’re kicking and screaming. 

So, I hope you’re seeing that being told “you can be anything you want or desire to be” is a big fat lie and falls into the same category as people telling you that, “Diet Coke isn’t fattening!”  

Now, please take a moment and consider the history of your life and all the things that you’ve done or attempted to do.  Think about every situation and whether or not you were at the mercy of others.  If you’re like me, you have suddenly realized that sans a handful of events, just about every decision or opportunity was at the mercy of someone else, and you really never had the soul ability to be “anything you want or desire to be” without someone else’s approval.  

So here’s some advice:  Stop telling your children that they can be anything they want to be in life because as your children get older and find out the truth, just as you did today, they will come to the realization that their lives don’t have any serious purpose or value.

In a nutshell, their lives are frivolous.  …  hence the word of the day.

Suddenly realizing your entire life was frivolous is pathetic. 






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