There’s this ongoing dialogue between two bloggers that has me intrigued.

One of the bloggers is a devout Christian, and the other … isn’t.

They have both been debating about the life they decided to follow, and each has expressed their own view point with the hope that the other will see their viewpoint more clearly, and maybe that will happen someday…but based on my 43 years of experience in dealing with people…I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

Recently, a comment was made by the non-Christian that struck a cord in my heart and resonated to the depths of my soul.

That comment was this…

“…but I am comfortable with my level of sinning plus I do not think I want eternal life.”

First off, and let me be VERY clear about this…

NOT ONE PERSON on this Earth should ever be “comfortable” with any level of sinning.

Sin is anti-good, anti-righteous, anti-holy, anti-loving, anti-positive, anti-truth and it’s what keeps humans from living a life of pure contentment and pure joy.

Most of all…sin is temporary and its desire is for every human being on this planet to turn away from the true love of God who created us to be in HIS image.

Sin destroys, sin lies, sin hates, sin corrupts, sin confines, sin is UNcontrollable and for those reasons it’s extremely disappointing to hear someone admit they are “comfortable with their level of sinning”, but I understand why some people would say that.  It’s because of their ignorance of the subject.  They don’t realize they are in bondage and slavery to the thing that is master over their mind, body and soul.

The second part of that comment, “plus I do not think I want eternal life,” was very disheartening as well, but I understand why they said it.  They don’t know the God I know and therefore think that God is a hard, difficult, authoritative, unkind, judgmental God and because they have that belief, they don’t want to spend any time with Him in this life or the life thereafter.

Sadly, they have believed the lies that the evil one has told them and have failed to recognize the God of Heaven, the creator of all things as the loving, merciful and compassionate God that He is.

That He’s a God of forgiveness and that He doesn’t hold our sins and trespasses against us when we come to Him by faith.  They refuse to believe in Him as the Father of all things and fail to understand that because we have sinned, He has every right (as any truly loving father would) to judge humans and discipline humans according to His righteousness and holiness.  That means there are consequences to your sinful actions, thoughts and words.

However, in God’s great mercy, He made the decision long ago to save the world through Himself.

This is a concept that many humans don’t want to accept or believe in…that Jesus was conceived of by the Holy Spirit and born a man but remained in the Father while He preached the lovingkindness of God while living among His own creation…then He sacrificed His life…the life of God Himself, so that the Father would be able to reconcile the world back unto Himself through His Son.

because no one has greater love than this, that one lay down his life for his friends.

And because nothing can ever defeat God, Jesus was raised from the dead by His own hand and all who look upon Jesus with the assurance of things hoped for and the conviction of things unseen, would be saved from death into an eternal life with, by and through God and Jesus.

But humans don’t want to be “controlled”.  They don’t want to live by “rules”, so they think living in sin (disobedience and rebellion) is freedom, but it’s far from that.  It’s slavery and bondage to the very thing that will destroy them.

God is Life, Love, Kindness, Mercy, Compassion, Hope, Truth, Righteousness, Holiness…

Sin is hate, idolatry, lies, murder, filth, selfishness, corruption, destruction, death…

You have a choice…continue to live in bondage/slavery to sin and know that the outcome is a horrible one … OR … turn away from it and look at Jesus and He’ll show you God the Father and you can live in Bondage to Righteousness and Holiness with the outcome being life and abundant joy with an inheritance to an eternal kingdom.

It’s pretty pathetic to choose sin and death over Righteousness and Life, but sadly many are they who choose the path of destruction because they just can’t get past their own stupidity and foolishness.  

How pathetic is that?  — I’ll leave you to debate that question with yourself.   



34 thoughts on “Hrmmm….

  1. Just for the record, you have seen on this blog that I have been accused of plotting to overthrow religion and persecute believers, I am not the father of the devil or entangled with the devil as a Satanist, I am not the antichrist or even a deceived sinner with extremist views or support those who are perverse to the detriment of whole societies and nations or use the tactics of the far left are to intimidate, coerce, bankrupt and persecute those who will not tow the line of their evil and depraved agenda.

    Well…..It was not me.

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    • Shields….

      my post was not meant to blame, but to enlighten and inform. Though you may not see it that way, know this…my desire is that you know the God of love that I know…and have known for a very long time. I wish that you and I will be able to meet one day in His eternal kingdom…basking in the warmth of His Kindness …love … righteousness and grace.

      I could spout many scripture verses but instead I’ll leave you with this… Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness…for if you are a friend of the world, you’re an enemy of God. Choose today whom you will serve…either the God of Heaven or the ruler of the world…but know this…there are consequences for your actions, words, thoughts and beliefs. God will discipline all those whom He loves. Therefore, God so loved the world that He gave His only Son to die on our behalf that whosoever believes on Him should have everlasting life.

      You’ve heard the truth…it’s up to you what you will do with it.

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      • irtfyblog I know you are not blaming anyone for anything but….. read the science and life will take on a new and realistic meaning. You’ve heard the truth…it’s up to you what you will do with it.


        • Please enlighten us on how is science ‘truth’ when man is flawed and has the ability to manipulate results and findings to meet their own desires?


        • Yes you are correct man (and woman) is flawed. I hope you take this into account when you look at your own faith. Religion is based on the fact that man is flawed enough to use a position of faith rather than facts.

          It is not at all possible to believe Scientists such as Steven Hawking, David Attenborough, Richard Dawkins, Lynn Margulis, Brian Cox, James Watson, Jane Goodall, James Hansen, Michio Kaku and many thousands of specialist scientists are going to manipulate or make up bogus scientific results to degrade religion or for whatever reason you believe they would be doing this for over the last couple of hundred years.

          Many of these names above have regular television programmes in our country and do you really believe they are going to put their reputations and careers on the line and blatantly lie to millions of viewers with the knowledge that they will be eventually found out by the thousands of other scientists in the same field of expertise.

          Of course you could say they are all colluding with each other to perpetrate lies about evolution the universe, dinosaurs, the brain, the age of the earth and climate change etc. But there are so many of them and to say all would be this dishonest is impossible. Scientists can make mistakes but on the level you are talking about this is also an impossibility due to the rigorous processes of eliminating mistakes, investigation, confirming facts and updating data on new results that science is subjected to before it can be published in reputable publications as a theory.

          I now do realise that the majority of the people including you on this blog are Young Earth Creationists who are basing religious beliefs on an outdated perception of scientists. This is due to a small minority of religious scientists who have often created inconsequential doubts for self-interests sake but I can understand how science will test your faith in the biblical stories if you take the meanings literally. Scientific discovery by nature is progressive and so overwhelming the Catholics finally realised they were not going to win the evolutionary debate and maybe it is time for you to also take their lead into the real world.


        • “Catholics finally realized they were not going to win the evolutionary debate and maybe it is time for you to also take their lead into the real world.” —

          I will never choose the religion of man over my relationship with God. NEVER! My faith in Him grows stronger and stronger everyday because of people like you proving the bible to be correct, and for that…I must say thank you, to the Father in Heaven and His blessed name. For even though you don’t know Him, He still uses the unjust to prove that He is just. Good luck with your religion…I’ll stick to my relationship.

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        • I do not have a religion of man or of a god because I do not believe in supernatural or un-natural events. You have to realise you cannot keep living in the past. Science is opening up the truth and the future of our world. We are normal people; atheists are not devils or some sort of antichrist but I can only say that you are missing out on a lot of real life. I say life because there is no reason to be afraid of living and dying when that time comes. You do not have to worship anybody because you are told you have to and that hell awaits those who fail to do so. I know you are thinking this man shields is the devil trying to coax me away from God as written in the scriptures.

          You could not be further from the truth, ask yourself why I bother to blog you and try to convince you to take a different view. It is because nobody else wants anything to do with you YEC, to all atheists you are seen as a bunch of crackpots, and as you are only a fraction of the 40% Christian community the majority of Christians also think you young earth people are crazy.

          It has been any eye opener for me; I just did not think people I have encountered on this blog existed because it is a known truth that gods do not exist outside of the mind. I am also amazed at the intensity of the righteousness and the ignorance shown through my exchanges with people on your blog. Here in my country Australia I do not think we have many YEC and if we do they keep it to themselves and I don’t blame them because most Aussies would not tolerate the discrimination and idealistic views.


        • “I do not have a religion of man or of a god because I do not believe in supernatural or un-natural events.” — soooo….the big bang isn’t a supernatural or un-natural event?

          Also…I’m wondering, do you ever go to Muslim/Islamic blogs and attack their beliefs? You should. I’d really like to see how that turns out for you.

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        • “I don’t blame them because most Aussies would not tolerate the discrimination and idealistic views.” — So, in other words…everyone needs to conform to your way of thinking or they won’t be tolerated?

          Wooooowww! That is really hypocritical.

          You want to be able to spout your “truth” to the world, but those who believe and have a relationship in Jesus and God the Father aren’t allowed to teach the real truth because that wouldn’t be tolerated?

          How exactly is that freedom? How is that not being a bully? Please…please enlighten us with your earthly, scientific wisdom on the subject…and furthermore, the more you keep talking… the more God is using you to prove the bible correct.


        • Also, I never asked you to visit my blog…you did so on your own so don’t you dare come here and insult the readers of my blog. The people who are here are respectful of my posts and others…if they aren’t, they are quickly deleted. With you, I have taken exception, but know this…your comment about my readers and other bloggers being “ignorant” is a comment that I take great offense too; and if I had the ability, I’d escort your sorry Aussie accented ass to the nearest exit…unfortunately, I don’t have that ability because wordpress isn’t smart enough to allow bloggers to manage who “follows” their sites.

          So from here on out…if you say one thing that I consider to be out of line or insulting to my readers…I will delete ALL of your future comments.


  2. The non-Christian doesn’t believe in the concept of sin. Without knowing the person or the full context it is difficult to determine what was meant but my interpretation would be this: “I don’t believe in the concept of sin. We all make mistakes and I am accepting of that fact and the fact that my own mistakes haven’t been horrible. I’m offended by the fact that you are telling me I’m a bad person when I know I’m not. I don’t want eternal life because all I can see is the now and I have no evidence that things will get better.” Ask your non-Christian friend if that is what he/she meant. I’d be curious to know.

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    • Oh, good question…but unfortunately I’m not friends with this person and I only read what they said in a comment exchange with the other person, soooo unfortunately, neither of us will know because I know better than to get in the middle of that squabble. 😉 lol


      • Ah c’mon. I want you to confirm that I’m right about what this random non-Christian (whom I don’t know anything about) believes about sin and eternity! I know you secretly want to get into a squabble…

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        • Contrary to what you read on my blog, I really don’t like squabbles. They make my head hurt, so I’m going to avoid asking any questions of these random bloggers who may or may not be able to answer your question with an honest answer…but then again…maybe they can…


          I’m now considering getting in the middle of their squabble. THANKS, Quix!

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        • You’re welcome. 😜 Actually, I somehow assumed you didn’t like squabbles, and I’m totally teasing/prodding/provoking you because it’s fun. Sometimes these conversations are worth having and sometimes not. Depends if both parties are willing to be respectful.

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    • thank you. give all credit to God…He’s the one author, I’m just a messenger. 🙂 I’m thankful He answered my prayer in that it touched at least one person… 😉 God bless.

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  3. You shall indeed hear but not understand,
    you shall indeed look but never see.
    Gross is the heart of this people,
    they will hardly hear with their ears,
    they have closed their eyes,
    lest they see with their eyes
    and hear with their ears
    and understand with their hearts and be converted
    and I heal them.

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  4. Great post! And it is so true what you say that about the deception sin offers as freedom while it is really imprisonment. It took me a long time to truly to finally acknowledge and understand this.

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    • so many don’t see it, but that’s the thinkg about us humans…we never think we’re in bondage until something or someone shows us a better way. thanks for the comment and I’m happy for you that you were able to finally acknowledge and understand it. 😉

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