Search Terms II


The search terms that are being used to reach my blog are getting weirder by the minute…take a look at these:

Grandpa Dating Young Woman Blog



Cattle Related Blogs & Udders

I mention cattle on my blog quite a bit so this I understand.


WordPress Impersonate

Definition of “Impersonate”:  “pretend to be (another person) as entertainment or in order to deceive someone.”

I don’t believe I’m pretending to be WordPress, and I’m not trying to be entertaining or to deceive anyone with my rants.

I only speak what I know to be funny…(sometimes not so funny)…

and pathetic.


Dirty and Messy

Just call me Pig Pen!


Thumper Dating Site

Really not sure why people searching for a fetish dating site would be led to my blog, but they were.


Getting Karma You Don’t Deserve

Hate to tell you this but when karma hits, you more than likely deserved it.


Quotes For all the Pathetic  &  Quotes for pathetic people

I really wish I had quotes for all the pathetic people in the world.  Maybe I’ll have to work on that list.


Bouncing Out of Top Udders

I’m beginning to wonder if I need to change the overall theme of my blog…


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