Speed Limit, Tailgaters and MY Human Rights


Today I was driving down a residential street that has become an avenue for speeding.  As I was driving along at 25 mph enjoying a somewhat beautiful day, I glanced in my rear view mirror and saw a “jackass” in a Lexus SUV riding my bumper, and as he was talking on his cell phone while driving, he twice attempted to go around me but couldn’t because there were too many cars coming from the other direction.  

This took place for about two blocks until we reached an intersection where there was a green light.  Since there were oncoming cars from the other direction I had to wait for them to cross before I could make a left turn onto an arterial street.  While waiting, the light turned yellow and a few of the oncoming cars decided to “make” the light so when I eventually turned the corner, the light was red…and guess who rode my bumper around the corner? 


Anyway, he didn’t like that I was driving the speed limit and obeying traffic laws, so he swerved into the second lane and sped past me.  As he did, he glared at me as if to make me believe that I was the one in the wrong.   

Once he passed me, he swerved back into my lane Annnnnd… like a good neighbor, I took it upon myself to show him just how high he rates on my scale of pathetic.  

Thhhaaaaat’s right!   He’s number one!  And I made sure that he knew how serious I was about it because I raised a finger on both hands.   

As he rapidly sped away, I saw him return the gesture of friendship and brotherly love, to which I must say triggered something inside me that made me want to pursue some of my own happiness, however, I turned the corner and let him drive away thinking whatever his sorry, pathetic worthless mind was thinking about me. 

If you can’t tell from what I’ve written thus far, I hate tailgaters.  AbsolutelyHATEtailgaters.

And since we’re on the topic, I firmly believe that it should be MY constitutional human right to pursue happiness by pulling a tailgater from their vehicle, strapping them to the front of my car and then driving around smashing into things with them as my hood ornament.  Ohhhh…I cannot tell you the happiness that would bring me.  


but alas!  I am unable to do this.  

Maybe someday the laws will give me that freedom, until then I’ll just post about my frustrations and their pathetic deeds of stupidity. 

Tailgaters are pathetic.


18 thoughts on “Speed Limit, Tailgaters and MY Human Rights

  1. LOL! You sound like my husband. I completely ignore tailgaters, or worse, pull over and let them pass, but when I am driving my husband will tell me to hit the brakes and make them slam into you. It is illegal to rear end someone and we need a new car anyway! I have tried explaining that accidents are usually painful, but he is beyond caring. Sometimes he will lean out the window and really give them a piece of his mind. Once he just stopped the car in the middle of the road and jumped out and and I really thought we were going to wind up on the six o’clock news.

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    • LOL! I love this!

      I haven’t gone to the extent of getting out of my car, but today was close. Praise God all the remaining lights were green because things could have gotten pretty ugly.

      btw…I applaud your husband. 😉

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