My Humor Friday

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We can’t have enough pathetic awards ceremonies in the United States.

There are hundreds of awards shows in Hollywood (that we actually know of), then there’s the awards shows that are given on the state and local levels for wannabe Hollywood award winners, and we can’t forget the awards shows for all the other people in the world who think they deserve an award for doing their jobs all day, because a paycheck and not getting fired isn’t enough.

And then there are awards shows for athletes such as, TMZESPN’s Espy awards.

This year, Bruce “I’d Rather be called dumbass” Jenner was given the TMZESPN Arthur Ashe “Courage the Cowardly Dog Award” this past week.  I’m really not sure what’s so courageous about dressing up for Halloween 364 days a year, but the toad-lickers at TMZESPN seem to think that there’s something really courageous about it, so they gave the award to a man who seems to think it’s okay not to be a man anymore.  Which, in my book, is really pathetic and an insult to men and women everywhere, but I digress.

Anyway, along with the “Courage the Cowardly Dog Award”, Rhonda “I secretly wish I were a man” Rousey won the award for “Best fighter of the year” and in her post-award winning interview threw out a supposed insult at Floyd Mayweather saying, “I wonder how Floyd feels being beaten by a woman for once.”

Which then begs the question…

Should we not be asking all the men who lost to Bruce Jenner in the 1976 olympics the same thing?

Have a pathetic Friday!


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